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Best IP Intercom System With No Limits, 3-Years Warranty

What Is IP Intercoms?

All household devices are evolving. Progress has not ignored such a conservative market as intercom system.
IP intercoms are the same intercom, only the prefix IP (Internet Protocol) means that the device is related to computers and local networks.

Intercom System in Kitchen


BAS-IP offers you almost unlimited possibilities in choosing and building your IP video intercom system. We are a highly specialized company that extends the model range, software and functionality within one product group, without spreading out into related markets.
There are so many options for our modern intercom system that we have put them in a separate section – be sure to visit it.

Intercom panel


Wired intercom systems connected via Ethernet cable (UTP5, UTP6). Wireless intercom systems can be connected with Wi-Fi. Our intercoms work perfectly in both ways and even in the already existing local network of the building. In the structure of the IP intercom system there is a minimum of devices. Standard limitations, such as the number of door stations or entry panels in the system, simultaneous calls within the same system, are absent.
Video intercom systems can be programmed locally from the intercom monitor or via specialized BAS-IP software.

IP Intercom System

High Protection

In addition to convenience and functionality, our specialists pay great attention to the safety of the equipment, its uptime and protection from external influences.
All BAS-IP software is written by our in-house developers and is regularly audited for security.

Why Is BAS-IP Better

BAS-IP is the international technology company focused in the development and manufacture of IP video intercom products, access control and communications. Being a weatherproof intercom system, all our intercom panels can be used outdoor.

BAS-IP was founded in the UK in 2008. The company now has more than 50 employees.

Our best IP intercoms are based on the SIP protocol, so customers often refer to BAS-IP as a SIP intercom (SIP intercom system) or VOIP intercom system. All our intercoms can be powered via POE (so BAS-IP is trully POE intercom system). The housing is made of high-quality materials, you can use our intercoms in all weather conditions so fairly say BAS-IP are outdoor intercom systems.

  • Reliable Partner With 15 Years of background
  • Complex IP Based intercom system with a comprehensive product range – entry panels, indoor monitors and phones, mobile APP, building management software
  • Own Technologies And Innovations
  • Project Customization
  • Open API and SIP 2.0 Protocol
  • Easy Installation And Maintenance
  • Integration with Kone, Control4, Genetec, Milestone, Fibaro, Galaxy Access Control and more
  • Flexible Price Policy
  • 3-Years Warranty
  • Reliable Partner With 15 Years of Background
  • Complex Outdoor Intercom System with a comprehensive product range – entry panels, indoor monitors and phones, APP, building management software
  • Own technologies and innovations
  • Project Customization
  • Open API and SIP 2.0 protocol
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Integration with Kone, Control4, Genetec, Milestone, Fibaro, Galaxy Access Control and more
  • 3-Years Warranty
  • Wide model range of apartment stations
  • Large selection of access control systems
  • Intercom APP that works anywhere
  • 3 Years Warranty


The British company BAS-IP ltd offers a wide range of door intercom systems to make your home truly smart and secure.

Having chosen IP intercoms as a priority and main direction, BAS-IP company managed to create and put a wide range of equipment into mass production that meets modern requirements – from individual and building intercoms to access control systems in a relatively short time.
The company pays special attention to device design and user interface and simple and accessible functionality.

Everything is as simple and clear as possible, the control of internal monitors is exclusively touch-screen – it is an integral part of modern devices.

Design Meets Function


BAS-IP intercoms also support SIP, RTSP and are integrated with access control and video surveillance systems, which opens up new opportunities for the use of these devices.

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    The software is designed for the entire line of BAS-IP equipment and is suitable for use at sites of any complexity – in private homes, residences, hospitals, as well as office centers.

    Intercom Anywhere

    BAS-IP offers intercom system with mobile app. You can install our intercom APP on any OS. Answer the video call from the outdoor panel, view CCTV cameras and open the door wherever you are with our cloud server. Forget about missed calls with our push-notifications feature.

    app store google play
    UKEY Mobile Access Control Keyless Smartphone Entry!

    With the BAS-IP UKEY mobile access control APP installed on your iOS or Android device, you can open the building doors or receive access to a territory, where the BAS-IP outdoor panels are installed and equipped with an up-to-date multi-functional NFC and Bluetooth / BLE reader.


    app store google play
    Software for remote control with complete functionality of all BAS-IP devices

    Link is a door intercom software for centralized access control and the BAS-IP equipment in residential complexes and office centers of varying complexity. It allows you to be flexible in managing all the functionality of your door entry intercom system from anywhere in the world. For data security, we provide a convenient backup and information restore system. No need to worry about its safety.

    Link is available as a cloud service providing extra privacy and installed locally for ease of use.


    app store google play

    BAS-IP Link

    Secure Access For Each Apartment

    1 min 31 s


    You can look for residential and shopping complexes, luxury apartments and clubhouses, gated communities among the global completed projects equipped with our IP-based intercom.

    You can get a closer look at them by going to the “Reference projects.”
    All our SIP intercoms are fully original and have 3 years factory warranty from the service center. If you haven’t made up your mind yet about this or that model or if you have any questions, please contact our specialists through the feedback form and they will help you quickly to choose the most suitable variant.

    Want to Install BAS-IP on Your Project?


    Changes in color, size, material, installation method, as well as engraving.

    Individual Color Solution

    This is an extraordinary solution that will emphasize the uniqueness of any project. The unique color of the equipment is a trend in various design solutions and is used in many countries.

    Replacing The Reader

    The ability to change the current reader in the entrance panels to the one needed for the developer/ customer when it is really necessary.
    See more

    Unique Interface

    We offer not only hardware but also software customized solutions. Build your own interface for the specific project.

    News & Articles

    Follow our new intercom system devices and updates. Stay up-to-date with all the exhibitions in which we take part. Read our articles about the intercom and ACS market.


    In December 2021 a new firmware was released for panels (version 3.2.0) and monitors (version 5.4.0). In this review, we will give details about what is interesting and new from this firmware! Individual entrance panels (except AV-08FB). Release 3.2.0. Implemented the “Rescue Service” function for the AV-04AFD model. The possibility of using a custom port […]


    BAS-IP is represented in more than 60 countries on 4 continents.