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Get more value from the intercom with BAS-IP integrations

BAS-IP constantly cooperates with the world’s leading software and hardware manufacturers in access control systems, security, and information technology.

Audio Video IP Intercom Integrations

Connect all systems in one device

Integrations expand the possibilities and control different access control and smart home automation systems in one device. We are constantly working on new solutions and want to bring the best-in-class service to our customers worldwide. If you want your brand to be integrated with us – click here.

Audio video intercom with access control integration

Access Control

BAS-IP is an audio video intercom with access control integration. It provides full software and hardware integration with most ACS equipment.

The use of BAS-IP intercom systems in combination with an access control system is of interest to developers and installation companies and commercial estates, offices, and shopping malls. By merging the two systems into a single system, a new level of security and usability has become available:

By merging the two systems into a single system, a new level of security and usability has become available:

  • Full integration of access readers in BAS-IP panels into access control system software. Reading, adding, and deleting identifiers.
  • Unified access control interface;
  • Using a Smartphone as an ID
  • Unified event log with customizable filters
  • Centralized distribution of access levels on BAS-IP devices and ACS manufacturer

Brands we are integrated with


BAS-IP entry panels transmit video data in digital format for recording on the NVR (Network Video Recorder). In fact, such a panel is not just a call initiation device as part of an intercom system but also a full-fledged IP camera as additional monitoring and video recording tool for obtaining subsequent analytics and statistics.

Moreover, such call panels have a built-in microphone that can be configured so that when an increased level of noise or screams is detected, the panel transmits a signal to the NVR. You can also configure the system so that when an event is detected, the NVR starts recording through the entry panel camera and several neighboring cameras to get the complete overview.

Brands we are integrated with

Smart Home Automation

BAS-IP indoor monitors can be used for intercom and controlling other smart home devices. In fact, our monitor becomes a control panel for an intelligent home system. All actions, like light, music, and climate control, can be made from the intercom monitor.

Vice versa, video and call from BAS-IP outdoor panel go directly to the smart home control panels already installed at the facility.

Brands we are integrated with

Microsoft Teams (cloud recording)

This integration allows BAS-IP intercom to communicate with Microsoft Teams platform. Microsoft Teams users can answer incoming intercom calls – with 2-way audio and live video and open the door for visitors.

Brands we are integrated with

Security Platforms

Security platforms combine IP video surveillance, access control, management system, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), and communication and analytics tools. Such systems are used in extensive facilities, where it is necessary to put many different systems into one dashboard for easy monitoring.

Brands we are integrated with

Metalwork and glazing systems

Most of our objects have a non-standard facade. Materials and technologies change and improve yearly, and it is essential to follow construction trends and offer solutions that meet new customer requirements. We work closely with architectural firms and companies that produce facades, metal structures, glass panels, and other materials necessary for building the most modern construction project.

Brands we are integrated with

Communication vendors

Brands we are integrated with

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Q: Do integrations cost money to use?

No, all BAS-IP integrations are free of charge.

Q: How do I get my integration listed in the official directory?

The integrations directory is a curated list of the most popular brands that work with BAS-IP, and is managed based on demand from our customers. However, feel free to contact us if you want to be listed here.