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Top IP Video Door Phones in 2023


Welcome to the BAS-IP indoor video phone category, also known as door entry monitor or door fone. We have both video and audio entry phones.

IP video door phones (IP VDP) are monitors installed indoors to receive calls from the door entry panel and can connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.

IP video intercom – a complete solution that you can use on their own or as part of a complex system, with the connection of additional monitors, cameras, and entry panels in the same network.

With a special app installed, you can use the IP video intercom to control the internal monitor directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can also set call forwarding from the panel to your mobile device, talk to your visitor and even open the door.

Our IP video door phones have a color 4 to 10 inches display size. Due to the increased clarity and excellent color reproduction, you can easily see the image on the screen in detail. Most models have touchscreen displays.

To avoid difficulties with operation and setup – the menu is always presented in different languages.

Choosing the Right Video Door Phone

Choosing the right video door phone is a crucial decision that can significantly enhance your home’s security and convenience. When selecting a video doorphone, consider factors such as the type of technology (IP is the best option), display size and quality, and connectivity options. The device should offer clear video and audio quality to ensure effective communication. Additionally, consider its compatibility with other devices, especially if you plan to integrate it with your existing smart home system. Look for features like mobile integration, which allows you to control the system remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Lastly, consider the brand’s reputation and customer reviews to ensure you’re investing in a reliable and durable product. Remember, the right video door phone should not only meet your specific needs but also provide a seamless user experience and peace of mind.

Installation and Maintenance of Video Door Phones

Installing and maintaining video door phones can be a straightforward process with the right guidance. Installation typically involves mounting the outdoor panel at your entrance and setting up the indoor monitor in a convenient location. It’s important to ensure that the devices are connected to a power source and, in the case of IP video door phones, to your internet network. Once installed, regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your video door phone. This includes cleaning the camera lens and monitor screen to maintain clear visuals, checking the wiring and connections for any signs of wear and tear, and updating the device’s software as needed. If you encounter any technical issues, refer to the product’s user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer service. Remember, proper installation and regular maintenance of your video door phone can significantly enhance its performance and lifespan.

Video Door Phones

Indoor video phone features:

  • Development of individual interfaces. Besides standardized solutions suitable for most tasks, BAS-IP can offer the development of unique individual interfaces for projects.
  • Lift control. BA complex resident can use their door entry monitors to open the door to his/her guest, after which the guest can go up only to the floor where the resident lives.
  • For residents, when ID is provided at the entrance, the lift can bring them directly to their floor.
  • Communication with the concierge, security, or management company. By pressing one button on the device in the apartment, residents of the complex can contact the concierge or security of the complex.
  • Integration with IP CCTV. Video from outdoor panels can be transmitted to NVR for continuous recording and monitoring. IP cameras can be viewed on BAS-IP intercom monitors.
  • The ability to install third-party applications. The panels have screens with an intuitive graphical interface and a user-friendly guestbook to display company logos or photographs of apartment owners.
  • Smart Home Integration. The SIP protocol lets you connect the intercom to the Smart Home system and receive calls to any SIP client device. An indispensable function is when you need to combine many manufacturers and manage devices from one platform.