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EAN: 5060514915332 (white)
EAN-5060514915301 (black)
EAN: 5060514915332 (white)
EAN-5060514915301 (black)


IP Video Door Phone with Horizontal and Vertical Mounting Options. Powered by Android 10.0 OS.


Vibrant Display with Intuitive Touchscreen

Experience crystal-clear visuals on the 7″ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display with a sharp 1024×600 resolution. Navigate through the feature-rich interface with ease, ensuring total control over your security and communication system.

More detailed information about configuration, connection, and installation can be found here.

Efficient Power Consumption

The AZ-07L is designed for energy efficiency, consuming only 6 W during operation and 2.5 W in standby mode. The panel supports both PoE and +12 V DC power supply (PSU not included), providing flexibility for your installation requirements.

Elegant Design and Versatile Installation

Available in black and white, the AZ-07L boasts a sleek, modern design with a durable plastic body. The panel can be conveniently wall-mounted both horizontally and vertically, seamlessly blending into any home environment.

Extensive Connectivity

Easily connect up to 9 individual or multiapartment panels and 8 additional monitors. With support for up to 32 IP cameras, the AZ-07L offers comprehensive coverage and monitoring of your property.

Advanced Home Automation

Control lights, curtains, and elevators directly from the panel, creating a seamless smarthome experience. The Scene feature allows you to customize settings to suit your preferences and lifestyle, while the answering machine and message receiving support keep you connected with your visitors.

Customizable Audio and Visual Experience

Choose from 9 distinct call ringtones or upload your custom MP3 files for a personalized touch. View photos, videos, and audio files directly from an SD card, and make use of the multimedia features to enhance your intercom experience.

Adaptable Standby Mode and Screensaver Options

Customize your standby mode with various screensaver options, including multi-camera live viewing, clock display, photo frame, live tour view, and single IP camera live viewing. Tailor the AZ-07L to suit your aesthetic and monitoring preferences.

Advanced Privacy and Convenience Settings

Enable the Do Not Disturb and Silent mode features, both customizable by time, to ensure your home remains a peaceful sanctuary. The AZ-07L automatically backs up photos taken during calls, so you never miss important moments.

Expandable Functionality

The AZ-07L supports third-party applications and widgets, providing a truly versatile and customizable user experience. Keep your panel up to date with easy software updates from the web interface, SD card, or BAS-IP updates server.

Display: 7” IPS LCD (capacitive touchscreen)
Operating system: Android 10.0
Screen resolution: 1024 x 600
Built-in camera: No
Power: PoE and + 12 V DC (PSU not included)
Power consumption: 6 W, standby 2.5 W
Dimensions: 195 x 127 x 27 mm
Colors: Black / White
Body: Plastic
Installation Type: Wall mount
Mounting options: Horizontal and vertical

Network connection: Ethernet wire 8P8C
Number of individual panels: Up to 9 panels
Number of multiapartment panels: Up to 9 panels
Connection of additional monitors: Up to 8 monitors
Additional connectors: SD card slot (SDHC)
Memory function: Record photo, video and audio to SD card
Interface: Multi-language graphical and WEB interface
Number of IP cameras: Up to 32 cameras

Number of call ringtones: 9 melodies to choose
Download custom MP3 ringtones: Yes
Intercom type: Audio Intercom, no built-in camera
Home automation control: Light / curtains / lift
Scene: Yes
Answering machine: Yes
Support of receiving messages: Yes
Multimedia features: View video, photo and audio files from an SD card
Standby mode: Yes, customizable by time
Select the type of screensaver in standby mode: Multi-camera live viewing — up to IP 4 cameras at the same time; Clock; Photo frame; Live tour view — up to 16 cameras, time adjustable; Single IP camera live viewing
Do Not Disturb: Yes, customizable by time
Silent mode: Yes, customizable by time
Backup photos taken during the call: Yes
Ability to install third-party applications: Yes
Support for third-party widgets: Yes
Software update: From the web interface; From SD card; From BAS-IP updates server

Horizontal and vertical mounting option

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