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EAN: 5060514914137 (black)
EAN: 5060514914151 (silver)
EAN: 5060514914144 (gold)
EAN: 5060514914137 (black)
EAN: 5060514914151 (silver)
EAN: 5060514914144 (gold)


Individual entrance panel with touch-free button

BAS-IP AV-05FD – stylish vandal-proof panels with installation by the flush method.


Sleek Design with Robust Construction

The BAS-IP AV-05FD IP door intercom panel features a stylish, slim design available in black, silver, and gold. The aluminum casing ensures durability and longevity, while the flush mounting ensures seamless integration into any environment.

More detailed information about configuration, connection, and installation can be found here.

Crystal Clear Video Quality

Equipped with a 1/3″ camera, the AV-05FD boasts a 2.0 MP resolution and 720p video output. The 100° horizontal camera angle provides an extensive field of view, ensuring that you never miss any activity at your entrance.

Advanced Night Vision

Six integrated LEDs offer exceptional night backlighting, while the 0.01 Lux light sensitivity ensures clear images, even in low-light conditions. Keep an eye on your property day and night with confidence.

Effortless Communication

The AV-05FD supports duplex talking mode, allowing for smooth, two-way communication between you and your guests. The multilanguage and web interface ensures ease of use, while the open API allows for seamless integration with other systems.

Flexible Access Control

Gain entry through various methods, including monitor, QR code, guest link, BAS-IP Intercom app, and API. Integration with ACS through the Wiegand-26 input adds an extra layer of security to your access control system.

Reliable Performance in All Conditions

With an IP65 protection class and IK08 rating, the AV-05FD is built to withstand harsh weather and potential vandalism. The panel operates efficiently within a wide temperature range of -40 to +65°C and remains resilient in humid conditions (0% – 89% operating humidity).

Energy-Efficient Solution

The BAS-IP AV-05FD is designed to minimize power consumption. It uses only 6.5 W during operation and 3.6 W in standby mode. The panel supports PoE and +12 V DC power supply, allowing for easy installation and reduced energy costs.

Enhanced Security Features

The AV-05FD offers authentication through the web interface and RTSP stream, ensuring that your security system remains protected from unauthorized access. In addition, the built-in relay and software link support provide added convenience and control over your security system.

Seamless Integration

The BAS-IP AV-05FD IP door intercom panel is designed for easy integration with other security and communication systems, such as SIP P2P and open API. This ensures a comprehensive and cohesive security solution for your property.

More detailed information about configuration, connection, and installation can be found here.

Panel type: Individual
Camera: 1/3”
Сamera angle: 100° (horizontal)
Resolution: 2,0 Мp
Output video: 720p (1080×720), H.264 Main Profile
Night backlight: 6 LEDs
Light sensitivity: 0,01 Lux
Response distance: 15-25 cm
Protection class: IP65
IK-Code: IK08
Operating humidity: 0% – 89%
Storage Humidity: 0% – 60%
Power consumption: 6,5 W, in standby – 3,6 W
Power supply: PoE, +12 V DC (+12% -6%)
Case: Aluminum
Colors: Black, silver, gold
Dimensions of the panel: 95×190×37 mm
Installation: Flush mounting
Working temperature: -40 – +65 °С
Gross weight: 0,91 kg
Interface: Multilanguage, WEB-interface
Lock opening:
• By means of a monitor
• By QR code
• By guest link
• From the BAS-IP Intercom app
• From API
Call button: Touch
Integration with ACS: Input WIEGAND-26
Authentication: WEB-interface and RTSP stream
Talking mode: Duplex
• Built-in relay
• Software Link support
• Open API

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