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BAS-IP is the international technology company focused in the development and manufacture of IP intercom products, access control and communications.

Product portfolio of BAS-IP includes Video & Audio door entry intercoms, mobile APPs for intercom, Mobile access credentials, IP public address systems.

Since 2008, the company has been keeping attention to design of products, simplicity and usability, as well as ensuring that all devices function effectively.

Personalised approach to every project helps to find best solution for every partner.

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    • Simple to sell

      BAS-IP is a well-known brand on the market of intercom systems. It is already known by many customers and has proven itself in many countries.
      BAS-IP has a design that has won many international awards, its own unique technology and a price that is attractive to the end customer.

    • Stable business and income

      Due to our flexible production policy and minimum costs, we can offer you the best prices for IP intercoms on the market.

    • Easy to promote

      It’s nice to advertise something that meets customer expectations. Our equipment does not break down, has an excellent price/quality ratio and a high satisfaction rate among customers.

    Know us better

    Reliable Partner with 15 years of background

    BAS-IP company

    is a manufacturer of IP intercom systems that can be installed on any project with any technical requirement.


    Over 3160 residential and commercial (shopping centers, hospitals, car parks, etc.) projects are equipped with BAS-IP intercom.

    Warranty and Quality

    European quality and 3 years warranty give stable profit without issues.

    Complex IP Intercom System

    Which has all the elements of the system (panels, monitors, audio phones, system equipment) to close the object of any complexity.

    Design Meets Function

    A beautiful device without functionality or a functional device, but ugly in shape and with yellowed plastic? For us, this choice is unacceptable. BAS-IP produces only great looking and comfortable devices. Even if it’s just a simple exit button or key fob.

    BAS-IP Won Several Design Awards:

    Keyless Access To The Facility With a Smartphone

    With the BAS-IP UKEY mobile access control app installed on your iOS or Android device, you can open building doors or gain access to an area where BAS-IP door stations and a functional NFC and Bluetooth/BLE keyless entry reader UKEY are installed.

    Use the intercom to its full potential

    BAS-IP cooperates with the world’s leading manufacturers of software and hardware in the field of access control systems, security and information technology. We are already integrated with Kone, Crestron, AxxonSoft, Macroscop and many other market leaders in low-current systems and access control systems.

    You can measure visitors’ body temperature without contact, and you can set the level of the maximum allowable temperature at which a visitor can enter.

    Software for Management Companies

    Link is software for centralized access control and BAS-IP equipment in apartment complexes and office centers of various complexity. Link allows you to flexibly control all functions of your intercom system from anywhere in the world.

    Automate Your Access Control

    Most BAS-IP panels have built-in face recognition.

    Automate Your Access Control

    You can integrate BAS-IP door stations with license plate recognition cameras to set up a parking lot entry system or any facility where our intercom panels are installed.

    Easy installation and maintenance

    BAS-IP intercoms work over IP and use the existing internet network of the project. You do not need to lay an additional cable backbone. You do not need to observe the polarity of the connection.

    All you have to do is connect a patch cable to the entry panel and an internal monitor. All other settings are made in the software.

    Make money without a headache

    Integrations, API

    • Being an IT company, BAS-IP offers integration with many 3rd party intercoms, smart home automation, ACS, and CCTV systems.
    • BAS-IP can be integrated with AxxonSoft, U-Prox, Genetec, Martec, Crestron, Control4, etc.
    • And supports SIP, Wiegand 26, Onvif, RTSP, and ZigBee protocols.

    Technical Support and Training

    • Technical online support (phone, email, chat, skype);
    • Online courses;
    • Preparation of a technical offer, including schemes of connection to a specific technical specification;
    • Special project hardware and software solutions for the specific project.

    Our support team will gladly assist you with your project using our equipment. Just provide us with information regarding the installation, and we will prepare the necessary equipment and quotation for your project.

    Marketing Support

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