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BAS-IP Obelisk Intercom Column

The icon is born. BAS-IP launches a new ip device

Obelisk is a unique intercom column with a 10″ built-in high-resolution IPS touch screen, an integrated surveillance camera, an intercom device, and a navigation system for the residential complex or territory where the device is installed.

The Obelisk intercom bollard provides access control to the room or to the territory of the place where it is installed.
Due to the invariance of the design and form, it complements the modern architecture of the building in an original way.

Intercom Column

Maximum features

  • Automatic face recognition
  • Concierge calling
  • 10″ IPS touch screen
  • Calling the lift to the floor
  • UKEY Support
  • Flexible system setup
  • Phone book
  • Working temperature -40 – +65 °С

Status security intercom pedestal for a high end object

Obelisk Intercom Column was developed in Britain and was recognized with the highest award in one of the largest international competitions – Red Dot: Best of the Best. This award is given for the best works in each category, and it is awarded for a revolutionary design.

The first Obelisks appeared in ancient Egypt and they had a special meaning: they were considered symbols of the Sun god and the pharaohs. Therefore, most often such monuments were installed near the entrances to temples or noble houses in a later period, where they symbolized the main front entrance, showing a landmark for the entrance. Now the Obelisk can be installed at your house.

Intercom Pedestal


Previously, it was impossible to choose the design of devices for each object. The Obelisk intercom bollard provides this opportunity thanks to the ability to change the type of panels used.

It can be seamlessly integrated into any style of project, even made of the same material as the facade of the building, reflecting its style and color. The Obelisk Intercom Pedestal is a separate structure attached to the floor and can be installed outside and inside the building.

Thoughtful and Reliable Intercom Column

A large, 10″ touch screen displays a perfectly well-designed, convenient menu that everyone can navigate – from small children to elderly guests of the complex. Even if your guest sees the menu for the first time, they can call you without any problems and receive accurate information about how they can get to you.

The Obelisk Intercom Pedestal screen works at extreme temperatures. Even at -40°С, due to its built-in heating system, there will be no problems with the device freezing.
A unique anti-vandal film protects the screen to withstand fate and vandals.


The maximum operating temperature is
Obelisk Intercom bollard

Quick And Secure Call To The Concierge

In any non-standard situation or emergency, you or your guests can immediately contact someone. You can quickly call the concierge or guard directly from the intercom bollard using a large, easy-to-notice button with a unique backlight.

It is also possible to install a weather widget and display information about the location of the apartment building.

Face Recognition System

Obelisk Intercom bollards use an AI facial recognition system. Thus, you do not need an access key or a phone; show your face, and the entrance will open.

Convenient Mobile Access To UKEY

The Obelisk intercom pedestal supports UKEY keyless technology, so you can gain access by simply holding your phone to the panel. The access key is stored in the phone. However, it is impossible to copy or fake it. At the same time, the phone is always with you.


Modern residential complexes and apartment buildings always have coffee shops, retail outlets, office space, and much more. With the help of the built-in phonebook, anyone can very quickly find the place they need and call there.

At the same time, the Obelisk Intercom Column will show a map of the route so that the visitor can easily find their destination.

Lift Management

Smart builders install innovative lifts. The Obelisk Intercom Column allows the complex guests to pass only to the floor where the person or office they visit is located, thus providing additional security for the residents. At the same time, residents of the complex can go not only to their floor but also to other permitted ones, for example, to visit a neighbor.


Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence, the Obelisk intercom bollard provides additional security by not allowing strangers to enter the complex’s grounds. In addition, recognizing you by your face, you can be reminded about an upcoming holiday for children in the complex today or be provided personalized information.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The Obelisk Intercom bollard will not just allow a person into the territory by using a photo or an access card. It can compare a particular person’s face with the access card. Thus, third-party temporary workers will be excluded when they come to the tenants. Each resident can give a guest a virtual temporary key for entry and upload their photo.

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