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Best Building Intercom System for Gated Communities and Apartments

That works over the existing local IP network. GPON compatible.

Every housing estate functions as a self-contained, secure neighborhood exclusively designed for its inhabitants and their invitees. The presence of unauthorized individuals is not permitted. As such, various security measures are implemented to monitor visitor access, such as building intercoms, video surveillance (CCTV), and access control systems (ACS), which operate in a coordinated manner.

First Impression Is Everything

Upon arrival, guests are first welcomed by the multi-resident intercom entry panel, which serves as the initial point of contact. BAS-IP entry panels are available in various colors and styles, boasting a range of distinct attributes, which are detailed as follows.

User-friendly, Intuitive, and Accessible interface

Our UX design department conducts many tests to ensure that our intercom interface is understandable to any resident or guest who comes to the residential property. By choosing our multi-tenant intercom system for flats, you will receive only positive feedback about it.

Building Intercom Management Software

1m 31s

Standalone Multi-Tenant Building Intercom Column

Intercom Column for Building Intercom

Maximum features

  • Automatic face recognition
  • Concierge calling
  • 10″ IPS touch screen
  • Summoning the elevator
  • UKEY Support
  • Flexible system setup
  • Phone book
  • Operating temperature -40 – +65 °С

Status bollard for a high-end apartment building

The Obelisk, a British innovation, received the highest accolade at one of the largest international contests – the Red Dot: Best of the Best award. This prestigious recognition is bestowed upon the finest work in each category, celebrating its groundbreaking design.

Originating in ancient Egypt, Obelisks held significant meaning as they were regarded as symbols of the Sun god and the pharaohs. Consequently, these monuments were typically placed near temple entrances or, in later periods, the entryways of noble residences, signifying the primary entrance and serving as a landmark. Today, the Obelisk can be installed at your multi-tenant building.


Features That Make Your Building Rock!

Link Property Management

The Link software offers a centralized access control dashboard allowing you to connect to any BAS-IP hardware within a residential intercom system. It allows you to flexibly manage all the features of the apartment building intercom system from anywhere in the world. You can work with Link on any device: a computer, a tablet, or an iOS / Android mobile device.

Building Intercom System Operation Continuity

Recently, a building intercom system has been gaining popularity, using a mobile application instead of a physical intercom device. But what happens if a smartphone or internet connection is not available? In our flat’s intercom system, the call will still go to the tenant’s installed intercom device.

Customized Cases and Interfaces

Besides standardized solutions suitable for most tasks, BAS-IP can offer the development of unique individual interfaces and cases for a specific multi-tenant building or gated community. A great solution that will emphasize the uniqueness of any project.

Targeted Advertisements

Entry panels can present informational or promotional messages on their screens in standby mode or when motion is detected before the panel.

Gated Community APP Preinstallation

Recently, most residential complexes or gated communities have developed their own application. According to our statistics, more than half of the companies want to integrate it into the apartment building intercom system. BAS-IP can do it at the production stage. Your application would be impossible to delete, it will be fixed on the main screen of the intercom monitor.

IP CCTV Integration

Video from outdoor panels can be transmitted to NVR for continuous recording and monitoring. Moreover, IP cameras can be viewed on the BAS-IP monitors.

Open API

The BAS-IP R&D team has implemented a JSON API to support huge gated communities where a building intercom system is part of a large software complex.

Induction Loop Connection

Installing an induction loop ensures high-quality audio signal transmission from the entrance panel to cochlear implants and hearing aids for deaf people.

Complex Intercom Systems

We are pioneering the development of complex intercom systems, designed specifically for building complexes. Our comprehensive solutions encompass both indoor and outdoor stations, seamlessly integrated with versatile system modules.

Improve the resident experience

Convenient APP for iOS and Android

Being far away, knowing that everything is fine with your home, seeing all the guests and being able to answer and open the door, and being in touch with the concierge 24/7. Our building intercom system APP performs all the tasks.

Keyless Smartphone Entry

Use your smartphone instead of key fobs and access cards. Now, when you need to get into your home or office, you inevitably come across a situation where you must constantly carry a range of key fobs and access cards. They are easy to lose, and using them is not always convenient. Keyless smartphone entry allows you to conveniently enter doors by installing the application on your smartphone or Apple Watch.

Guest car passes

The functionality allows integrating BAS-IP building entrance panels with cameras* for license plate recognition, opening the barrier for cars whose numbers are stored in the panel’s memory. The primary function of the car numbers recognition system is to automate the control of car access to protected areas, eliminating the influence of the human factor, as well as organizing the automatic opening of the barrier when cars enter/leave the territory.

Contactless exit button

Contactless exit button with a service life of over 100 million operations. Ideal for walk-through areas with many entry/exit access points.

Lift Control

A complex resident can use their monitors to open the door to their guest, after which the guest can go up only to the floor where the resident lives. For residents, when ID is provided at the entrance, the lift can bring them directly to their floor.

The ability to install third-party APPs

Our multi unit intercom system panels have screens with an intuitive graphical interface and a user-friendly guestbook to display company logos or photographs of apartment owners.

Smart Home Integration

The SIP protocol lets you connect the building intercom to the Smart Home and receive calls to any SIP client device. Our products were successfully integrated with KNX, Crestron, and Control4 producers. Also, you can connect motion sensors to a BAS-IP monitor on Android OS to record video from connected IP cameras when motion is detected.

Viewing IP CCTV cameras from a monitor or APP

The tenant can view the CCTV cameras installed in the gated community on his BAS-IP building entry systems monitor or mobile application. This is a highly requested feature if, for example, parents want to watch their child on the playground. Or is everything fine with the car in the parking.

Variety of designs and colors

BAS-IP multi unit building intercom has a wide model range. We offer more than five different entry panels, seven monitors, and an indoor audio phone to cover all tenant needs. Each model is available in different colors and even materials. This is the most complete building intercom system you’ve ever seen!

Integrated Access Control with Multi-factor authentication

For tenants’ convenience, our building intercom system offers the largest number of access options to the gated community or residential property – face recognition, pin code, key fob, access card, NFC, and Bluetooth. And not only for them but for their guests as well – we offer guest access by QR code, car license plate, or virtual keys given by tenants. For best-in-class security, tenants can also combine several types of access control at the same time.

Building Intercom Alternatives. Compare BAS-IP With Any Other Apartment Building Buzzer System 🙂

Feature BAS-IP BTicino DES Fermax Meet Comelit VIP
Built-In Camera Yes, 2MP
Access Control EM-Marin / MIFARE Classic, Plus, Desfire EV1, Ultralight / NFC / Bluetooth
Keyless Entry
Face Recognition
Virtual keys (PIN codes) for visitor access
QR Codes for Visitor Access
Multifactor Autentification
Email Notification
Property Management Software Integrations
Measuring Temperature
Cloud-based Access Management
Indoor Phones
Indoor Monitors 7 models
Android Based Monitors
3rd Party APP Support
Elevator control
Yes, 2 MP
YES, 1,2 MP

Realized Apartment Building Intercom Systems

4 Steps to Order The Best Intercom For Apartments Buildings

Technical Info For Gated Communities:

CE Certificate for Accessories
CE Certificate for Accessories (test report)
CE Certificate for Home automation modules
CE Certificate for Home automation modules (test report)
CE Certificate for Accessories
CE Certificate for Accessories (test report)
CE Certificate for Home automation modules
CE Certificate for Home automation modules (test report)

Building Intercom System General Scheme

For your convenience, we help manage the multi-tenant intercom project from when you contact our company to the final installation. Rest assured, ordering and installing our intercom system will bring you only positive emotions.



Q: What is a building intercom system?

A building intercom system is a standalone voice communication system installed within a building, used mainly for two-way communication and security purposes. It allows people inside the building to communicate with visitors at the entrance before granting access. Some intercom systems can also support internal communication within the building.

Q: What are the key features to look for in an intercom system for apartment building?

Some important features to consider when choosing a building intercom system include sound quality, range of operation (for wireless systems), compatibility with other devices, such as mobile phones or other smart home systems, ease of installation and use, system scalability, and the level of security it offers. More advanced systems may offer video capabilities, remote access control, and integration with alarm or surveillance systems.

Q: How much does a typical multi tenant intercom system cost?

The cost of a building intercom system can vary widely based on its features, the number of units, and the brand. A basic system can start from a few hundred dollars, while a more sophisticated system with video capabilities, smartphone integration, and other advanced features can run into thousands of dollars. Installation costs can also vary based on the complexity of the system. Anyway, BAS-IP is an affordable ip multi-tenant video intercom solution.

Q: What is the difference between wired and wireless intercom for building?

Wired intercom systems require physical cables for connection, which can offer a more stable and clear communication. Wireless intercom systems, on the other hand, use radio waves for communication. They are easier and often cheaper to install, as they don’t require extensive wiring. However, their performance can be affected by interference from other wireless devices.

Q: How secure is intercom for apartment building against unauthorized access?

Most modern building intercom systems come with robust security features to prevent unauthorized access. These may include encrypted communications, password or PIN access, and biometric identification like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning. However, like any security system, they are not entirely immune to hacking or misuse and should be part of a broader building security strategy.

Q: What is a smart intercom system and can I call the BAS-IP building entry system a smart one?

A smart intercom system is an advanced communication and security device that connects multiple rooms or areas within a building, enabling voice and sometimes video communication between them. It integrates with other smart home devices and can be controlled through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can definitely call BAS-IP intercom system a smart one.

Q: How to connect your phone to building intercom?

Connecting your phone to a building intercom system typically requires a modern, smart intercom system that has this feature available. Here are general steps on how you can do this:

Download the app: Most smart intercom systems have a companion app that you’ll need to download from your smartphone’s app store. Make sure your phone is compatible with the app’s requirements.

Create an account: After downloading the app, you’ll typically need to create an account. This will involve providing your email and creating a secure password.

Connect to the intercom system: This process will vary depending on the specific intercom system. You may need to manually enter the intercom’s ID or scan a QR code on the device. Follow the instructions provided in the app or user manual.

Configure your settings: Once connected, you can configure your settings. For instance, you can set up notifications for when someone rings the intercom, or enable video functionality if your intercom supports it.

Test the setup: Finally, make sure to test the setup by having someone ring the intercom while you answer via your smartphone.

Q: Can I use video doorbell for multiple apartments?

To use a video doorbell for multiple apartments, you should choose a system specifically designed for multi-unit residential buildings. For example, Google Nest or Ring doorbell would not work as a part of a multi-tenant building entry system, but BAS-IP multi-unit doorbells do. These systems are engineered to support multiple apartments, allowing each resident to have their own video feed and communication with visitors at the entrance.

Q: Can I upgrade my existing building intercom system to a newer model?

Yes, it’s generally possible to upgrade an existing building intercom system to a newer model, although the feasibility and cost can depend on several factors. These include the compatibility of the new system with your existing wiring or wireless setup, the number of intercom units, and whether new features require additional hardware or structural changes. It’s advisable to consult with a professional to understand your best options.