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Facial Recognition and Touch Screen Enabled

Introducing a premium multi-apartment entry panel designed for the most luxurious projects.

Maximum features

  • Automatic facial recognition
  • 10” touchscreen
  • UKEY support
  • Phone book
  • Concierge calling
  • Elevator call feature
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +65°C

Upscale Entry Panels for High-End Projects

Facial Recognition System

Utilizing 3D facial recognition with infrared sensors and in-depth analysis, the technology activates in just 0.6 seconds. New faces can be added to the database directly through the panel or remotely using BAS-IP Link software.

UKEY Mobile Access

The panel supports UKEY mobile access, allowing door opening via a smartphone while maintaining compatibility with traditional key fobs or access cards.

Phone book

Featuring a phone book that displays subscribers’ names (residents) or office names for panels installed in business centers. This enables visitors to call specific offices without knowing the office number, guided only by the office name.

Elevator call feature

Once the entrance has been unlocked for a guest, the elevator number assigned to transport them to their desired floor is exhibited on the call panel screen.

Display Information

The panel is capable of presenting various informational messages, such as announcements from the residential complex where it is situated. Additionally, it can broadcast advertisements, videos with audio, and HTML content to update users or provide information to visitors.


Creating and implementing a customized menu design enables the display of tailored and unique call buttons, including concierge, security, diverse services, administration, emergency support, assistance, and more.

Adaptability and Expandability

  • Remote Face Addition

    Tenants can submit their photographs to the administrator, who will then remotely incorporate the image into the designated panel.

  • Automated Setup

    Force the initialization or configuration of a single device or all devices in the system simultaneously from a distance, utilizing the Link software.

  • Error Notification

    Alerts for any panel issues are automatically sent to the management company’s server.

  • Centralized Management

    Updates through Link software eliminate the need to physically access each panel for modifications – all tasks can be completed remotely.

  • Event Tracking

    A comprehensive record of all activities, such as panel adjustments, passersby, and calls made, can be reviewed at any time.

  • Open API

    The API enables swift and straightforward integration of the panel into external systems (such as ACS), replicating all functionalities available through the panel’s web interface. This feature is particularly useful when initially designing the intercom system during construction, and later developing a custom IT system for residential complexes.



General characteristics

  • Panel type Multi-apartment
  • Display 10“ TFT, color, with backlight and heated
  • Camera 1/3”
  • Camera angle 110° (horizontal)
  • Resolution 2.0 Мp
  • Output video Full HD (1920×1080), H.264 Main Profile
  • Night backlight 6 LEDs
  • Light sensitivity 0.01 Lux
  • IK-Code IK06
  • Protection class IP65
  • Operating temperature -40 – +65 °С
  • Operating humidity 0% – 86%
  • Storage Humidity 0% – 60%
  • Power consumption 6.5 W, in standby – 3.6 W
  • Power supply +12 V DC (+8% -4%)
  • Case Aluminum
  • Colors Silver, Black, Gold
  • Dimensions 180×400×45 mm
  • Box dimensions 458×228×105 mm
  • Gross weight 3.48 kg
  • Installation Flush mounting, wall mounting with BR-AA14
  • Keyboard Touch Screen
  • Interface Multi-language, WEB-interface
  • Access control • Face Recognition
    • UKEY (EM-Marin/ MIFARE®/NFC/Bluetooth)
    • Multi-factor authentication
  • Calling the lift to the floor Yes
  • Identifiers in the panel memory (QR codes, cards, key fobs, UKEY, access codes) 20 000
  • Face recognition identifications 10 000
  • Integration with ACS Wiegand
  • Built-in Wiegand output for card, key fob, and UKEY identifiers 26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64, 80 bits
  • Connection of the additional SH-12 module and its support • Wiegand input: from 6 to 58 bits inclusive
    • Wiegand output for card, key fob, UKEY, QR, Face, Digital code, and all other types of identifiers: from 26 to 128 bits inclusive
  • Reading range • NFC, Mifare cards and 125 kHz cards – up to 5 cm
    • BLE – adjustable 10 cm – 10 m
  • Supported standards • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): 2,45 GHz Bluetooth 4.x, Bluetooth 5.x.
    • Mifare®, 13,56 MHz ISO14443A: Mifare®Standard, Mifare®Hi-Memory, Mifare®Ultralight, Mifare®Classic 1K/4K, Mifare®Classic 7UID, Mifare® Plus SL1 and SL3
    • NFC, 13,56 MHz: ISO 14443/15693
    • Cards 125 kHz: ASK and FSK
  • Lock opening • By means of a monitor
    • Face Recognition Identification
    • By QR code
    • By guest link
    • By Pin
    • By access card
    • By license plates
    • The BAS-IP Link app
    • The BAS-IP Intercom app
    • The BAS-IP UKEY app
    • From API
  • Authentication Separate password for WEB-interface settings
  • Additionally • Software Link support
    • SIP P2P
    • Built-in relay
    • Proximity sensor
    • Open API

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