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EAN: 5060514912676 (silver)
EAN-5060514912669 (black)
EAN: 5060514912676 (silver)
EAN-5060514912669 (black)


Individual entrance panel

BAS-IP AV-03D is a stylish entrance panel, which perfectly fits into the interior of any office center.


Elevate Your Security with Next-Generation Technology

The BAS-IP AV-03D IP door intercom panel is designed to provide top-notch security and convenience for both residential and commercial properties. Its individual panel type with a single touch call button allows for seamless communication and access control.

High-Quality Video and Camera Capabilities

The AV-03D is equipped with a 1/4″ camera that offers a crisp 2.0 MP resolution and 720p output video, providing clear and detailed visuals. Its 90° horizontal camera angle ensures an expansive view of the area, while the night backlight feature with 6 LEDs guarantees excellent visibility even in low-light conditions.

Door Lock Opening Options

This IP door intercom panel offers multiple door lock opening methods for enhanced security and user convenience:
• Monitor access
• QR code
• Guest link
• BAS-IP Intercom app

Robust and Stylish Design

The panel is housed in a durable plastic case, available in both silver and black to complement any architectural style. The compact dimensions (102×160×46 mm) and wall mounting installation allow for a sleek, unobtrusive appearance.

Advanced Integration and Communication

The AV-03D is designed for seamless integration with access control systems, featuring input Wiegand 26, 34, and 58. The multilingual interface and web-interface support ensure easy configuration and management for users. The panel also boasts duplex talking mode, four polyphonic ringtones, and secure authentication methods for added convenience and safety.

Panel type: Individual, One-button
Camera: 2,0 МP, 1/4”
Сamera Angle: 90° (horizontal)
Output video: 720p (1280×720), H.264 Main Profile
Night backlight: 6 LEDs
Light sensitivity: 0,01 Lux
IK-Code: IK06
Protection class: IP64
Working temperature: -40 – +65 °С
Operating humidity: 0% – 87%
Storage Humidity: 0% – 60%
Power consumption: 6,5 W, in standby – 2,5 W
Power supply: PoE, +12 V DC (+12% -6%)
Case: Plastic
Colors: Silver, Black
Panel dimensions: 102×160×46 mm
Installation: Wall mounting
Box dimensions: 230×150×100 mm
Gross weight: 0,90 kg
Interface: Multilanguage, WEB-interface
Lock opening:
• By means of a monitor
• By QR code
• By guest link
• From the BAS-IP Intercom app
• From API
Call button: Touch
Integration with ACS: Input Wiegand 26, 34, 58
Number of ringtones: 4 polyphonic ringtones
• Separate password for settings
• WEB-interface
• RTSP stream
Talking mode: Duplex
• Software Link support
• Built-in relay
• Open API

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