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Fusion of Security and Innovation: BAS-IP Intercoms & AxxonSoft

Picture this: a seamless integration of cutting-edge communication technology with state-of-the-art security software. That’s precisely what we’ve achieved with the groundbreaking collaboration between BAS-IP, the pioneers of advanced intercom solutions, and AxxonSoft, the vanguard of video management and physical security information management software.

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Experience the Future of Access Control and Security

Gone are the days when you had to rely on disparate systems for communication and surveillance. By marrying BAS-IP Intercoms with AxxonSoft’s top-tier software, we’ve crafted the ultimate security solution, granting you unparalleled access control and visual monitoring. The result? A safer, smarter, and more efficient environment for your residential, commercial, or industrial property.

Unlock the Power of Next-Gen Integration

The synergy between these two industry leaders unlocks an array of features that will transform your security game:

Real-time Video Feed

Keep a watchful eye on your property with crystal-clear video feeds from BAS-IP intercoms, integrated seamlessly with AxxonSoft’s video management platform.

Advanced Access Control

Elevate your access control strategy with cutting-edge facial recognition and ID scanning capabilities, making unauthorized entry a thing of the past.

Remote Management

Manage your entire security system remotely from a centralized location, utilizing AxxonSoft’s intuitive user interface and powerful management tools.

Unified System

One platform to rule them all! Enjoy a streamlined experience with a fully integrated security ecosystem, reducing complexity and ensuring optimal performance.