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The integration of BAS-IP intercoms with AXIS CCTV cameras, specifically for the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) function, involves a simple yet effective setup. This integration allows for seamless operation and cost efficiency by eliminating the need for professional ALPR software. Here’s a detailed description of how this integration works:

Integration Overview

Objective: To automate gate opening through license plate recognition using BAS-IP intercoms and AXIS CCTV cameras with ALPR capability.


1. BAS-IP Intercom Panel: A sophisticated intercom system capable of integrating with IP cameras.

2. AXIS Camera with ALPR Functionality: Specific models like AXIS P1455-LE-3, AXIS P3245-LVE-3, or AXIS Q1700-LE are suitable for this integration.

3. License Plate Database: Stored either in the outdoor panel memory of the BAS-IP intercom or on the BAS-IP Link software.

How It Works

1. Installation and Setup: The user purchases a BAS-IP intercom panel and an AXIS camera equipped with ALPR technology.

2. Network Configuration: The AXIS camera and the BAS-IP entrance panel must be on the same subnet to communicate effectively.

3. License Plate Registration: Vehicle license plates are registered and stored. This can be done through the intercom’s web interface or the BAS-IP Link software.

4. License Plate Scanning: When a vehicle approaches the gate, the AXIS camera scans the license plate.

5. Recognition and Action: If the scanned plate matches one in the stored database, the BAS-IP intercom panel triggers the gate to open automatically.


Cost-Effective: Eliminates the need for expensive professional ALPR software.

Ease of Use: Simple setup and user-friendly management of license plates through the web interface or BAS-IP software.

Enhanced Security: Automated gate operation based on recognized license plates adds a layer of security.

Flexibility: Suitable for various applications like residential complexes, office buildings, or gated communities.

By combining the advanced technology of BAS-IP intercoms with the precision of AXIS cameras equipped with ALPR, users can enjoy a high level of security and convenience without the need for additional ALPR software.