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BAS-IP Integration with KONE

Enhancing security and convenience for offices, hospitals, industrial buildings, and residential buildings.

The integration of the BAS-IP AA-14FB intercom panel with the KONE lift control system enhances building security while ensuring smooth people flow.

With the integration, individuals can summon the elevator once they have been identified through any of the available methods on the BAS-IP intercom panel.

By installing the BAS-IP intercom panel at the building entrance, visitors are provided with the following options:

  • Call residents
  • Unlock the door using various identifiers such as RFID cards, UKEY BLE identifiers, PIN codes, QR codes, and facial recognition.
  • Summon the lift by identifying themselves through one or more of their identifiers, with the ability to select the desired floor.
  • Open the door.

For more detailed information, please visit our WIKI.