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EAN: 5060514914533 New
EAN: 5060514914533 New


Temperature Module

Non-contact wrist temperature measurement. Fast detection of abnormal temperatures in real-time.


A temperature-sensing intercom module is a dedicated device engineered to link with an exterior intercom panel, enabling the measurement of visitors’ temperatures prior to granting access to a building or facility.

This functionality proves particularly valuable in circumstances where screening visitors for signs of sickness is essential, such as amid pandemics or influenza seasons. The temperature-sensing intercom module offers a swift, user-friendly, and touch-free method to assess the health conditions of visitors, thereby safeguarding the well-being of those within the premises.

The module is equipped with an advanced infrared sensor that accurately measures an individual’s wrist temperature from a safe distance. This non-contact method helps to prevent the spread of infections and viruses, ensuring a hygienic environment within the hospital.

Power supply: +12V (±15%) DC
Current consumption: 0.034 A (max)
Power consumption: 0.4W (max)
Measuring distance: 10 – 40 mm
Measuring range: 30 – 45°C
Measurement accuracy: 0.1°C
Maximum deviation: ≤0.3°C
Working temperature: 6 – 47°C
Operating humidity: 20 – 73%
Protection class: IP30С
Dimensions: 27x87x45 mm
Weight: 132 g
IK-Code: IK10
Gross weight: 0.22 kg

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