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Emergency Intercom

Emergency Intercom

Emergency intercom systems are characterized by many unique and user-friendly features that are unparalleled and cannot be replaced with conventional telephones.

BAS-IP help point stations and emergency intercoms allow the transmission of audio and video signals over LAN and WAN, which solves the traditional restrictions on transmission distance and the problem of vulnerability to unauthorized interference.

In addition, taking into account the increasing standards of data transmission quality, BAS-IP offers a new series of video terminals to achieve the effect of face-to-face communication. Such models are also compatible with the standard SIP protocol and can be connected to IP telephony.

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Due to the simplicity of the design, after connecting the IP terminals to Ethernet, the system is transformed into a powerful digital complex operating in a single local network. At its core, an emergency intercom system combines a computer network, video surveillance and internal communication into a single complex.

Why you should choose BAS-IP Emergency Intercom?

  • High sound clarity thanks to echo and noise cancellation.
  • Unlimited transmission distance.
  • The encrypted channel prevents eavesdropping and signal interception.
  • Easy expansion of the system by adding terminals.
  • Possibility of using for mass notification in case of an emergency.