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Face Recognition Intercom

Intercom Face Recognition - How It Works?

The principle of operation and use of face recognition in intercom panels:

  1. Scanning the image of the video stream for the presence of a face in the frame;
  2. Capturing and processing the image of the face, bringing it to the required form, cutting off all unnecessary;
  3. Vectorization – anthropometric points are calculated;
  4. Calculation of the resulting number – a set of characteristics independent of extraneous fatcores (age, hairstyle, makeup) using a mathematical formula;
  5. Comparison – comparison of the result obtained with the values ​​​​stored in the database of the entry panel of the intercom.
Face Recognition Intercom


The number of persons that can added to the intercom memory is 6000.

Operating modes:

  • Program
  • 3D

Similarity levels:

  • Low – 70%
  • Medium – 75%
  • High – 85%

Operating modes:

  1. Activation of the recognition scanner when motion is detected in front of the doorphone entry panel;
  2. Forced activation in manual mode by pressing a button;
  3. Permanent operation of the face recognition scanner without shutting down