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One Button Intercom Panel with Induction Loop & Status indicator

Built-in Multiplying Energy Booster for opening the electromechanical lock

Wide-ranging applications


Country homes

Parking areas

Introducing the First Single Entry Panel with Facial Recognition

Status indicator

The status indicator on the BAS-IP AV-08FBIL panel is designed to display the current state of the panel and inform users about various events. This indicator visually communicates the initiation of a call, connection with the tenant, and door opening.

Induction Loop

The induction loop is designed to ensure device accessibility for users with hearing impairments. The induction loop creates a magnetic field that is picked up by hearing aids and cochlear implants equipped with a T-coil. This allows users with hearing impairments to receive audio information directly through their devices, improving sound quality and enhancing the convenience of using the panel. This functionality makes the call panel more inclusive and compliant with modern accessibility standards.

Aluminum construction

A robust, all-metal milled aluminum body with an anodized coating that enhances the natural beauty of the metal, creating a dynamic surface effect. The design aligns perfectly with modern trends.

Multi-factor authentication

Enhanced security is achieved through multi-factor authentication, which verifies two or more elements: face, card, key fob, PIN code, mobile identifier, and temporary link access.

Adaptable settings and expandability

  • Guest access

    Visitors can enter the premises using a QR code or a pre-generated link provided by the property owners.

  • UKEY

    The panel supports UKEY mobile access, allowing doors to be opened with a smartphone. It also accommodates traditional key fobs and access cards.

  • Open API

    The API enables quick and easy integration of the panel with third-party systems, such as Access Control Systems.

  • Integration with video surveillance

    The panel can transmit video using RTSP or Onvif protocols, allowing it to function as a video surveillance camera within your system.



General characteristics

  • Panel type Individual
  • Camera 1/3”
  • Angle 124° horizontal
  • Resolution 2.0 Мpx
  • Output video 1080p (1920×1080), H.264 Main Profile
  • Night backlight 6 LEDs
  • Light sensitivity 0.01 Lux
  • Induction Loop Yes
  • Status indicator 3 indicators
  • ONVIF Yes
  • RTSP Yes (video + audio)
  • Operating temperature -40 – +65 °С
  • Storage Humidity 0% – 60%
  • Operating Humidity 0% – 86%
  • Protection class IP65
  • IK-Code IK07
  • Power consumption 6.5 W, in standby – 3.8 W
  • Power supply PoE, +12 V DC (+8% -4%)
  • Case Aluminum
  • Call button Piezoelectric
  • Call button backlight control White and green
  • Colours Silver, Black
  • Dimensions 130×212×47 mm
  • Box dimensions 222×142×100 mm
  • Gross weight 1.41 kg
  • Installation Type Flush mounting, Wall mounting (with bracket)
  • Interface Multi-language, WEB-interface
  • Talking mode Duplex
  • Identifiers in the panel memory (QR codes, cards, key fobs, UKEY, access codes) 20 000
  • Face recognition identifications 10 000
  • Integration with ACS Wiegand
  • Built-in Wiegand output for card, key fob, and UKEY identifiers 26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64, 80 bits
  • Built-in Multiplying Energy Booster for opening the electromechanical lock Yes
  • Connection of the additional SH-12 module and its support • Wiegand input: from 6 to 58 bits inclusive
    • Wiegand output for card, key fob, UKEY, QR, Face, Digital code, and all other types of identifiers: from 26 to 128 bits inclusive
  • Authentication Separate password allowing access to the settings for the WEB-interface
  • Access control • Face Recognition
    • UKEY (EM-Marin/ MIFARE®/NFC/Bluetooth)
    • Multi-factor authentication
  • Lock opening • By means of a monitor
    • Face Recognition Identification
    • By QR code
    • By guest link
    • By access card
    • By license plates
    • The BAS-IP Link app
    • The BAS-IP Intercom app
    • The BAS-IP UKEY app
    • From API
  • Lock control Built-in Multiplying Energy Booster for opening the electromechanical lock
  • Supported standards • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): 2,45 GHz Bluetooth 4.x, Bluetooth 5.x.
    • Mifare®, 13,56 MHz ISO14443A: Mifare®Standard, Mifare®Hi-Memory, Mifare®Ultralight, Mifare®Classic 1K/4K, Mifare®Classic 7UID, Mifare® Plus SL1 and SL3
    • NFC, 13,56 MHz: ISO 14443/15693
    • Cards 125 kHz: ASK and FSK
  • Reading range • NFC, Mifare cards and 125 kHz cards – up to 5 cm
    • BLE – adjustable 10 cm – 10 m
  • Additionally • SIP P2P
    • Built-in Relay
    • PoE electromechanical lock Power supply
    • 2 Separate inputs for Door sensors
    • Proximity Sensor
    • Tamper sensor
    • Open API
    • Link Software support

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