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Mifare Key Fobs Set – Ideal for Families and Various Spaces

Our Mifare Key Fobs Family Set Is Perfect for All Your Access Needs.

Lost Keychain? No Worries!

Call Manager

If you happen to lose a keychain, simply contact our call manager, and they will arrange a replacement for you.

The manager arranges a replacement

Choose the Right Color

Our Mifare Key Fobs come in a variety of colors to suit your preferences, making it easy to differentiate between fobs for different spaces.

Copy Protection for Enhanced Security

All our Mifare Key Fobs are copy protected, utilizing Crypto-1 and AES-128 encryption to ensure the highest level of security.

Universal Compatibility

Our Mifare Key Fobs are compatible with all BAS-IP entrance panels with a reader, including AA-14FB, AA-12FB, AA-07 series, BI- series, AV-08FB, AV-08FBL, and AV-03BD.

High-Quality ABS Plastic

Crafted from durable ABS plastic, the SH-02M4 keyfob boasts high tensile strength and resistance to physical impacts and chemical corrosion. This ensures your keychain can withstand heavy use and adverse environmental conditions.

Use for Various Spaces


Provide secure access for your family members and authorized guests.


Enhance security and limit access to designated areas for employees and visitors.


Grant members easy access to fitness facilities while maintaining a safe and secure environment.



General characteristics

  • Type MIFARE Plus X
  • Chip NXP
  • Standard ISO 14443A
  • Encryption algorithm Crypto-1 / AES-128
  • Memory capacity 4kB eEprom
  • ID length 7 UID
  • Operating Humidity 5% – 87% (non condensing)
  • Operating Temperature Range -30 – +65 °C
  • Dimensions 51.1 х 42.0 х 6.0 mm
  • Weight 4g
  • Gross weight 0.1 kg

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