The outdoor panel


The outdoor panel is an entry point to your building or door. As such, it should look nice and be functional. The AV-07B IP outdoor panel has those characteristics.

One panel –
plenty functions

Wide angle camera

Supports the UKEY mobile access

Available mechanical IR filter

Hardware motion sensor

2 SIP accounts

Piezoelectric call button

You can forget about keychains or access cards
Learn how to unlock using a smartphone

Integration with ACS

Support Wiegand-26 and Wiegand-34 interfaces makes the panel the ACS part of any manufacturer.

Integration with the Smart home sytem

The AV-07B panel can be perfectly integrated into the ecosystem of your house. When pressing the call button, shorting out any of groups of customizable entry motion detection sends a GET request to the specified address. It gives the possibility of integrating the panel with automation systems such as iRidium.



Air conditioner

Integration with video surveillance system

The panel can pass video via RTSP or Onfiv protocol, acting as a video surveillance camera in your system.

Wide angle IP camera

It helps to see and record everything in sight.

Camera resolution 1 Mp (720p)

Extra wide angle 122° horizontally and 70° vertically

It's equipped with mechanical IR filter that is usually installed in professional cameras

Hardware motion sensor

When a motion sensor is triggered, the AV-07B will immediately send a recorded video to your email, the FTP server or will send the http address defined.


The panel has 5 customizable groups of contacts that you can use how you want. Usually 2 of them are used for exit buttons. The rest of them can be used for the alarm sensor or door unlocking sensor. You can choose the type of action when contacts short out. For example, it can be a SIP call, an HTTP request or just download a photo to the FTP server.

The BAS-IP intercom mobile application

BAS-IP is an application that allows you to get video calls from outdoor panels and BAS-IP monitors on a mobile device. From anywhere in world, you only need the Internet to get video calls from BAS-IP devices on a mobile device.



General characteristics
Typ paneluWielomieszkaniowy
Wyświetlacz4,3" TFT, kolorowy z podświetleniem
Kąt widzenia80° w poziomie, 64° w pionie
Rozdzielczość kamery1,3 MP
Kodek wideoHD (1280×720), H.264 Main Profile, BaseLine Profile
Podświetlenie 6 diod LED
Minimalne oświetlenie0.01 Lux
Klasa bezpieczeństwaIP65
Zakres temperatur pracy-40 – +65 °С
Zużycie energii 6,5 W, w trybie gotowości – 3,6 W
Zasilanie+12 V DC
Obudowa Metal
Dostępne kolorySrebrnoszary
Rozmiar 138×350×55 mm
Rozmiar panelu155×375×55
Rodzaj instalacjiPodtynkowy
Typ klawiaturyPrzyciski mechaniczne
InterfaceWielojęzyczny interfejs www
Otwieranie zamka• Z poziomu monitora
• Po wprowadzeniu kodu
• Na mapie
• Z poziomu aplikacji BAS-IP Intercom
• Z poziomu aplikacji BAS-IP UKEY
Kontrola dostępuUKEY (EM-Marin/ MIFARE®/NFC/Bluetooth)
Integracja z systemem kontroli dostępuWyjście WIEGAND-26
Typy Wiegand26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64
Przyciski szybkiego połączeniaPrzycisk połączenia concierge
Ilość dzwonków połączenia4 dzwonki polifoniczne
Tryb rozmowyDwustronny
Opcje dodatkoweSIP P2P
Built-in relay
Obsługiwane typy identyfikatorów• EM-Marin (EM4100) [ASK 125 KHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight C [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight EV1 [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE ID [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Mini [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 2K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• BLE [Bluetooth Low Energy 2,4 GHz]
• Temic [FSK 125 kHz]
Detailed characteristics

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