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Door Entry Panels

Door Entrance and Entry Intercom Panels

In front of almost every house or building, you can always see a doorbell or door entry intercom panel. For the most part, they are old and highly primitive. But progress continues, and every day more and more people prefer modern, functional IP door stations.

The IP entry intercom panel transmits data through a local network, significantly improving signal quality and making it possible to build the intercom network over unlimited distances.

BAS-IP offers a wide range of outdoor entrance panels.

Outdoor panels can be installed in residential apartments, private houses, commercial real estate, and even hospitals. As an option, door entry panels can be equipped with our branded access control readers.

Wiegand 26/32/34/37/40/42/56/58/64 support allows you to connect to third-party controllers.

Our door entry panels can be equipped with a touch screen and an automatic face recognition system, which is a unique feature for the intercom systems market

All our panels are vandal-resistant and reliable because they are made of solid metal, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Our door panels have IP65 protection, which means complete protection against dust, rain, and other weather troubles. The temperature range is also quite wide and is represented in the range -40 – +65 ° C, which makes it possible to work inside and outside the room.
Surface and flush-mounted installation.

Door Entry Panels

Advantages of BAS-IP door intercoms:

  • Quality and design. Premium British Door Intercom brand
  • Price. Pay less, take more!
  • Works over a local network. The BAS-IP door entry system simultaneously uses a standard PoE or 12V power supply.
  • The unlimited number of door panels in the system. Build any project you need!
  • Open API. The BAS-IP R&D team has implemented a JSON API to support large projects where an intercom system is part of a large software complex.
  • Customization. It gives you almost limitless possibilities for controlling your home automation from one device.
  • Targeted advertisements. Door entry panels can present informational or promotional messages on their screens in standby mode or when motion is detected before the panel.