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BAS-IP Intercom Features

Discover What’s Beneath Our Intercom

Introducing BAS-IP, a groundbreaking intercom brand offering essential functions such as call reception from the panel and lock opening, as well as a plethora of advanced features designed to enhance your everyday life. Our state-of-the-art intercom devices utilize digital data transmission via local networks or the internet, ensuring outstanding quality and efficiency.

Corporate Features

Seamless Intercom Functionality

The recent surge in popularity for intercom systems that use mobile apps instead of traditional devices raises the question: what if smartphones or internet connectivity are unavailable? With our solution, calls will still reach the tenant’s intercom device installed within the apartment.

Tailored Cases and Interfaces

In addition to standardized solutions suitable for most tasks, BAS-IP can develop customized interfaces and cases specifically designed for your gated community. This exceptional solution will accentuate the distinctiveness of any project.

Remote Concierge Services

Concierges are no longer required to be on-site. Our system allows for easy call redirection to guard stations or remote staff members, enabling concierges to work from any location and effectively manage visitor distribution and address customer concerns. The concierge is always accessible!

Link Property Management

Our Link software provides a centralized access control dashboard for seamless integration with any BAS-IP hardware in residential complexes. Effortlessly manage all intercom system features from any location globally, on any device – computer, tablet, or iOS/Android mobile device.

Customizable OEM Mobile App

Is your company seeking its own access control application, but lacking the budget? BAS-IP enables effortless customization of our app, offering top-tier technology with minimal financial investment. We’ll handle system updates, ensuring you always have access to the latest features.

Secure Access Card Protection

Encryption of access cards prevents unauthorized guests from duplicating cards. Your gated community will be safeguarded by the highest level of protection – SL3, the same standard used in credit cards.

Preinstalled Gated Community App

Increasingly, residential complexes and gated communities are developing their own applications. According to our data, over half of these companies wish to integrate their app with the intercom system. BAS-IP can achieve this during the production phase, ensuring your app remains a permanent fixture on the intercom monitor’s main screen.

Tenant Communication

Streamlined communication between residents and service companies can be facilitated through messages sent from the monitor or BAS-IP mobile app to the system administrator. Rest assured that no messages will be missed, as all correspondence history is stored and archived.

Open API

The BAS-IP R&D team has incorporated a JSON API to accommodate large gated communities where the intercom system is part of a more extensive software ecosystem.

Targeted Advertising

Entry panels can display informational or promotional content on their screens in standby mode or upon detecting motion in front of the panel.

IP CCTV Integration

Video feeds from outdoor panels can be transmitted to NVRs for continuous recording and monitoring. Additionally, IP cameras can be accessed on BAS-IP monitors.

Induction Loop Connection

Installation of an induction loop ensures high-quality audio transmission from the entrance panel to cochlear implants and hearing aids for individuals with hearing impairments.

Tenant Features

Keyless Smartphone Access

Simplify entry with your smartphone, eliminating the need for key fobs and access cards. Open doors using a smartphone with the appropriate app installed, or even an Apple Watch.

User-friendly App for iOS and Android

Remotely monitor your home, view all guests, answer and open doors, and maintain 24/7 communication with the concierge using our versatile app.

Contactless exit button

Our contactless exit button, designed for high-traffic areas with multiple entry/exit points, boasts a service life of over 100 million operations.

Guest Vehicle Access

BAS-IP entrance panels can be integrated with license plate recognition cameras, automatically opening barriers for pre-authorized vehicles. This feature streamlines vehicle access control, minimizes human error, and automates barrier operation for entering and exiting the premises.

Third-party App Compatibility

Our panels feature intuitive graphical interfaces and user-friendly guestbooks for displaying company logos or apartment owner photographs.

Elevator Control

Residents can use their monitors to grant guests access, limiting elevator use to the specific floor of the resident. When residents provide identification at the entrance, the elevator can take them directly to their floor.

Smart Home Integration

The SIP protocol enables intercom connection to Smart Home systems, allowing call reception on any SIP client device. Our products have been successfully integrated with KNX, Crestron, and Control4 systems. Furthermore, BAS-IP monitors running Android OS can connect to motion sensors to trigger video recording from IP cameras upon motion detection.

Remote IP CCTV Monitoring

Tenants can view CCTV cameras installed in the gated community through their BAS-IP monitors or mobile applications. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring children on playgrounds or ensuring vehicle safety in parking areas.

Service Company Communication

Effortless communication between residents and service companies can be achieved by sending messages from the monitor or BAS-IP mobile app to the system administrator. No message will be overlooked!

Design and Color Variety

BAS-IP offers a diverse selection of over five entry panels, seven monitors, and an indoor audio phone to cater to all tenant preferences. Each model is available in various colors and materials.

Comprehensive Access Control with Multi-factor Authentication

For tenants’ convenience, we provide an extensive range of access options to gated communities or residential complexes – facial recognition, PIN codes, key fobs, access cards, NFC, and Bluetooth. Guests can also benefit from QR codes, license plates, or virtual keys granted by tenants. For enhanced security, tenants can combine multiple access control methods simultaneously.