13 March, 2014


Everybody got long used to black-white, chromatic individual intercoms, as well as to multi apartment audio intercoms due to which one can open the door distantly, talk to the visitor or watch what is happening at the entry. Such type of devices is usually installed in the office centers, multistory and country houses, but unfortunately they do not entirely guarantee your safety because one can easily “trick” it.

Fortunately, the progress does not stand still and the audio, video intercoms are being replaced by the IP intercom systems that are characterized by the high functionality and stylish external view.

So what are the IP-intercom systems?

The IP-intercom systems work on the base of protocol stack TCP/IP, this means that BAS-IP devices can work on the base of existing local network of the house, office center or cottage village without any additional wires to lay.

One can emphasize following advantages of such system:

1. Simple installation and adaptability of the system for modernization and expansion.
2. Multi functionality of the monitors: video intercom between the subscribers, photo frame mode support, touchscreen, voicemail, media player, possibility to watch the image from IP cameras and etc.
3. Interactive system “Information and services” – universal platform for resource book creation of the housing estates (or other constructions) due to which the user can receive useful information, for example, about the nearest post-office or hospital, as well as call the plumber, electrician or any other community service.
4. Possibility to send photo and text messages both centralized and individually from the special software.
5. Link-up of unlimited quantity of devices in the system (from 1 to 100,000 subscribers).
6. Possibility to control “Home automatics” from the monitor or using software for Android or iOS.
7. Management Software – add-in program which helps to monitor the statuses of outdoor panels, internal monitors and concierge monitors in the system, to form the accounting and statistics etc.
8. Integration of outdoor panels with outside SKUD. The outdoor panels BAS-IP v3 has a Wiegand-26 interface support which gives a chance to integrate outdoor panels in outside SKUD and to connect different devices to the panels.
9. Possibility to record video from the panels on NVR/DVR. Outdoor panels BAS-IP v3 give RTSP-stream in D1 resolution that makes possible to record what is happening in front of the outdoor panel on NVR/DVR without denying its main functionality.
10. SIP protocol supply. With the availability of SIP server user can receive distantly video calls from outdoor panels on smartphones and PC, open a door lock, make video calls from smartphone and PC on internal monitors and outdoor panels, make group calls and call diverting etc.

To learn more about BAS-IP equipment you can follow a link.