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EAN: 5060514910559
EAN: 5060514910559


Dual-lock control module

Capable of simultaneously unlocking two doors.


The Two Locks Control Module is a sophisticated security solution designed to simultaneously lock and unlock a pair of locks, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of access control. This innovative module is ideal for situations where synchronized operation of multiple locks is crucial, such as secure facilities, shared spaces, or multi-user storage units.

The module is compatible with various lock types, including electromechanical, and electromagnetic, and can be easily integrated with existing security systems. By streamlining the locking and unlocking process, the Two Locks Control Module ensures seamless access while maintaining a high level of security and reducing the risk of human error.

The module connects to the external panel through an RS485 bus. This module is compatible with all BAS-IP intercom panels.

More detailed information about configuration, connection, and installation can be found here.

Module supply voltage: +12 V DC
Power consumption in operating mode: 1 W
Standby power consumption: 0.06 W
Maximum current of connected load: 7 A (per channel)
Maximum constant load voltage: +30 V
Maximum AC load voltage: ~ 250 V
Operating temperature: -40 – +75 °C
Storage temperature: -15 – +65 °C
Permissible humidity: 20 – 80%
Overall dimensions: 114.5 × 57.5 × 34 mm
Weight: 0.11 kg
Gross weight: 0.14 kg

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