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Author: Johny Smith

Overview of the BAS-IP AV-07B individual outdoor panel

Today, we are delighted to present the BAS-IP AV-07B individual panel. Due to its unique design, technical parameters, and features, it is a universal and practical solution for every facility. The panel appearance The AV-07B has an all-metal aluminium milled body, painted with an anodized finish, which emphasizes the natural beauty of metal and creates the […]

Marketing materials (2017)

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Smart switches BAS-IP

Aside from video intercoms, BAS-IP offers individual and multi-apartment outdoor panels, fire alert panels, home automation control modules, client-operator systems, and SIP commutation switches for 16 and 200 users. BAS-IP experts have also developed this line of «smart» switches. The designers have worked long and hard on their design to create something unique, innovative, along […]

BAS-IP equipment will make your home not only secure, but also «smart»

Today people cannot imagine his or her life without intercom systems that have become an integral part of their lives in recent years. Developed from simple black-and-white models, intercoms have evolved and are now available in the most advanced form, namely, the form of IP intercom systems granting a user the possibility of controlling additional […]

About IP systems

We have gotten used to coloured intercoms that slowly yet surely replaced the black-and-white ones of recent years. At the moment, individual video intercoms allow for the recognition of a visitor (or just for checking what is going on near the front door), and if necessary for communicating with him or her, as well as […]

SIP-PBX-16 and SIP-PBX-200 SIP commutation switches

SIP-PBX-16 and SIP-PBX-200 commutation switches have a special place in the portfolio of the BAS-IP Company. The devices in question are designed for 16 and 200 simultaneous connections, respectively. Now, let us explain to you what you can do by using this equipment. After the installation of PBX-16 or PBX-200, you will be able to set […]

CR-01 external network reader with a controller provided by BAS-IP

CR-01 external network reader with a controller provided by the BAS-IP Company has become a necessity in the ACS. Along with the creation of new residential complexes and office centres, the need for modern parking spaces is growing, as well as new infrastructure is being built, such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centres. It is strictly connected […]

Presentation of the BAS-IP AV-02 V3outdoor panel

The new BAS-IP AV-02 v3 panel differs from other BAS-IP devices mainly due to the implementation of a two-way feed, it can be powered from both +12V power units and twisted pair (PoE). Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology which allows for transferring electric power to a remote device along with the data via standard […]

BA-04 and BA-08 v3 outdoor panels provided by the BAS-IP Company

BAS-IP are proud to present two new models of the IP outdoor panels – BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08. In contrast to all traditional individual and multi-apartment outdoor panels, these models can be used for such dwellings as townhouses for 2 families, duplexes, office centres for 2-8 companies, or blocks of flats. The installation and operating principle […]

New «Client-Operator» IP communication system from BAS-IP

Today we will discuss our CM-01 v3 operator monitor system along with two outdoor panels: CV-01 v3 single-button outdoor panel and CV-02 v3 two-button device. The Client-Operator IP communication system can manage up to 400 CM-01 v3 monitors, whereas each monitor can control up to 80 individual СV-01 v3 or СV-02 v3 call stations. This […]

IP video intercom systems

Everybody got used to black-and-white individual intercoms, as well as to multi-apartment audio intercoms, thanks to which, one can distantly open the doors, talk to the visitor, or check on events taking place near the entrance. Such devices are usually installed in office centres, multi-floor entrances, and country houses, but they do not guarantee 100 […]