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SIP-PBX-16 and SIP-PBX-200 SIP commutation switches

SIP-PBX-16 and SIP-PBX-200 commutation switches have a special place in the portfolio of the BAS-IP Company. The devices in question are designed for 16 and 200 simultaneous connections, respectively.

Now, let us explain to you what you can do by using this equipment.

After the installation of PBX-16 or PBX-200, you will be able to set commutative calls between BAS-IP devices and external devices.

Thanks to the use of these commutation switches, the following options become available:

– Making calls from the internal monitor not only to other monitors within a given local network but to any other SIP device around the world. The user can contact a SIP telephone, soft clients installed on mobile phones or tablets, VOIP gateways, and GSM gateways;

– Almost unlimited calling and forwarding possibilities;

– Possibility of making calls to a group of users – up to 5 telephones. It works as follows: while calling from the outdoor panel or other IP devices, the call is transferred to the IP video intercom, some SIP telephones, and some mobile devices with installed softphone functionality. If someone answers the call, devices belonging to other users stop ringing;

– Possibility of transferring calls received via the SIP phone. The user can answer a call from any device, transfer it to another telephone, and return it back;

– All actions in the system can be recorded. The user can receive a complete set of logs indicating who has been calling, from where, and for how long. Logs for door opening patterns can be accessed as well.

A fitting example of such a system is the communication system in a small hotel with its own parking. The parking can be then equipped with help-stations (call stations), and a monitor can be situated in the main building, next to the reception desk. SIP telephones can be in such a scenario installed in the apartments. Card readers can be installed next to rooms. All said devices can then be integrated into one system by utilizing the SIP-PBX-200 SIP commutator. Other systems can be created in various objects thanks to the versatility of BAS-IP equipment.

Moreover, thanks to the use of the SIP commutation switch, calls made via the Internet to other countries will be free or almost free, depending on data transfer costs in the country of the calling party. It is a perfect solution for both home and business systems.

The compact case of the SIP commutation switch can be installed anywhere, there is the possibility of installing it both horizontally and vertically.

PBX-16 and PBX-200 SIP commutating switches provided by BAS-IP are mini PBXs with unbelievable voice control and video communication capabilities. They will be just perfect while creating complex systems for residential complexes, enterprises, business centres, hotels, and facilities alike.

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