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CR-01 external network reader with a controller provided by BAS-IP

CR-01 external network reader with a controller provided by the BAS-IP Company has become a necessity in the ACS.

Along with the creation of new residential complexes and office centres, the need for modern parking spaces is growing, as well as new infrastructure is being built, such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centres. It is strictly connected with the increased interest of entrepreneurs with the installation of mobile access control systems (ACS). The card reader with the integrated controller is designed to support other BAS-IP equipment. It helps to quickly integrate access control devices in your security system. The reader allows for installing access limitation devices for specific territories, regions, houses, and flats.

The reader is useful when it comes to granting entry permits to premises that are partially closed, such as hospitals, sanatoriums, hotels, some office blocks, and institutes. It is also suitable for accessing automated parking lots, and attractions.

Em-Marin contactless card (CC) is one of the main components of the automated ACS that controls both access and identification. An access card is an alternative to traditional keys. Its major advantages are a convenient size, wide scope of utilization, and interchangeability.

The BAS-IP CR-01 reader with the integrated controller allows you to record information on both the administrator and user card. It can work even without the access to the local network. The administrator can add up to 60,000 user cards and 10 administrators to the program database.

By using the administrator’s card, it is possible to add or delete user identity cards without utilizing a computer, namely – in an on-the-spot manner.

Upon accessing the local network, the integrated controller with a reader can be controlled, configured, and run statistics via Management Software installed on a remote PC.

The reader can work remotely with video monitors, outdoor panels, and Smart Home devices provided by BAS-IP. By connecting the reader to the local network to which other home automation modules are connected, the device can facilitate some of the processes for the home or office network.

For example, when the administrator opens a door using the card, the reader with the controller activates the «At home» mode automatically, which disables security, sends an elevator to your floor, as well as controls lightning and air conditioning simultaneously (if the special modules are available.)

The administrator can connect electromechanical or electromagnetic locks, as well as a separate exit button to the system.

When the door is not closed, the device sends an alarm message to the mobile device and concierge monitor (via Ethernet). When the door is opened, CR-01 delivers a given message with a repeating audio signal.

BAS-IP CR-01 reader with the integrated controller differs from our competitor’s products not only in terms of its excellent technical characteristics and efficiency but also in its elegant design. The casing is made of a metal alloy with a protection level of IP55 setting it as both water- and dustproof.

Due to the vandal-proof characteristics and corrosion resistance, the recorder can be installed both outside and indoors.

Intuitive design, robust vandal-proof casing, remote control, and the ability to connect with other devices – all these characteristics are combined in the BAS-IP CR-01 external reader with the integrated controller.

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