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Overview of the BAS-IP AV-07B individual outdoor panel

Today, we are delighted to present thBAS-IP AV-07B individual panel. Due to its unique design, technical parameters, and features, it is a universal and practical solution for every facility.

The panel appearance

The AV-07B has an all-metal aluminium milled body, painted with an anodized finish, which emphasizes the natural beauty of metal and creates the effect of the “living look” surface. The panel is presented in two colour solutions: silver-grey and black. These colours give it a very stylish look in different types of building facades and makes it suitable for different exteriors.

The following items are available on the AV-07B body:

• Camera – for video transmission;
• IR Backlights with 4 LEDs for better picture quality in low-light conditions;
• Motion sensor;
• Light sensor;
• Microphone;
• Contactless card reader and accelerometer;
• Piezoelectric call button;
• Loudspeaker.

Considering the extensive functionality of the AV-07B panel, it is compact enough (118×171×40 mm), which is extremely convenient! Its dimensions allow you to install it almost anywhere: in the house or apartment or small office entrance.

Security of the panel items

The microphone and loudspeaker provide optimal communication quality between the sending and receiving parties in a call. A special plastic plug protects the loudspeaker, so even if water or dust got in, the panel would still work stably, and the quality of communication will be on a high level as well. This model has an IP65 protection class.

The panel camera

The model sports a 1 megapixel (720p) resolution camera with an ultra-wide viewing angle: 122° horizontally by 70° vertically. It also supports H.264 codec.

A mechanical IR filter on the front of the camera is automatically activated during the day, to ensure the correct white balance; and is automatically turned off at night, ensuring proper operation of the IR LEDs of the night backlight.

You can adjust the light sensitivity of the panel, depending on the level of illumination at which point the camera will go into a black and white mode.

[Motion detection]

Talking about the functionality of the AV-07B, it is essential to mention the built-in hardware motion sensor. After its activation the panel can:

– send photos to e-mail;

– upload photos to FTP;

– make a SIP video call;

– send an HTTP request;

– switch the selected relay.

When setting the motion detection, it is necessary to set the sensitivity level and select the interval and delay of the sensor triggers.

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[Working with protocols]

A distinctive feature of the AV-07B is the RSTP and ONVIF protocols,  the process of setting up and searching for the panel camera in the network is straightforward. What exactly does the availability of RSTP give to the user? This protocol allows you to transfer streaming video from the outdoor panel camera to other devices.

In its turn, the ONVIF protocol makes it possible for other devices to recognize the camera of the outdoor panel.

The panel also supports PnP automatic configuration function. If you have a configuration server, you can receive settings from it both manually or automatically.

The panel also uses the TR-069 specification, which allows third-party servers to communicate with the panel and receive information about network settings, VoIP, and used codecs.

[Settings through the WEB interface]

The panel is configurable via the Web interface, which also provides access to the call configuration (call account selection, redirect function, etc.). The advanced settings allow the user to configure echo cancellation levels, photoresistor sensitivity, tamper alarm (gyroscope), and type of user interface (Wiegand-26 or Wiegand-34) for integration with ACS.

[SIP account]

he panel can be registered on 2 SIP servers (2 SIP accounts) simultaneously, supporting the double-sided communication. What does this mean? It means that you cannot make only outgoing calls, but receive incoming calls as well, and even with two different numbers. You can also use video during SIP calls.

BAS-IP UKEY mobile access

This outdoor panel supports the unique technology BAS-IP UKEYwhich is used for gaining access to the premises or to the entire space of a specific access point by using different types of cards: Em-Marine and MIFARE contactless cards, encrypted MIFARE Plus/MIFARE Classic cards, or via a mobile phone (Bluetooth and NFC).

The main advantage of UKEY mobile access is the ability to use a mobile phone as an identifier. Also, you can adjust the identifier’s range capability from 2 cm to 10 meters for different access points, such as doors, gates, and barriers. Unlocking the lock and opening the door is possible because of the BME-03 built-in module, which allows user identification using UKEY technology, as well as reading special encrypted MIFARE Plus/MIFARE Classic cards.

With the AV-07B outdoor panel which supports BAS-IP UKEY mobile access, you can conveniently and quickly open the door from your mobile phone by activating the screen or after entering the BAS-IP UKEY application menu.

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Additional features and benefits

Besides the basic features, this device has some additional features. For example, the AV-07B has a combined contactless reader of EM-Marin and MIFARE cards. It means that the panel supports two types of cards at the same time. You will also find a new option to add cards to the panel memory in the reader settings.

Using the WIEGAND-26 and WIEGAND-34 interface, you can integrate the AV-07B panel with the ACS. Accordingly, you can connect the panel to the controller as a reader, and to the panel itself with third-party card readers, using it as a controller in the access control system.

The panel can store up to 5,000 cards. You can specify the number of passes, time, and days of the week when the door can and cannot be opened for each card. To do this, the web interface has a separate menu of schedules; using it, you can make the card binding by the necessary parameters. Based on this, it is also possible to keep statistics of passes and scanned cards with allowed or denied access.

The model is equipped with a built-in accelerometer, to determine whether the panel is damaged or moved. If the panel is exposed to mechanical interference, the owner will receive an appropriate signal. The panel also has two built-in relays for controlling two locks. The lock can be opened both by the card and with the monitor, or by any SIP device. Opening the lock triggers an audible alarm.

Another unique feature of the AV-07B is the piezoelectric call button, which has all the advantages of mechanical and touch buttons but not their disadvantages. The resource of pressing such a button is almost unlimited (up to 10 million pressures).

Moreover, this panel allows you to download and install your ringtones as the door opening and for the mode “access is prohibited” sounds. The panel has five configurable inputs. When a signal arrives, the panel can send photos to an e-mail, upload photos via FTP, make a SIP video call, send an HTTP request, or switch the selected relay.

Security and comfort 

If you prefer modern but practical solutions, if you relish security and comfort, and also used to keeping everything under control even in your absence, then the BAS-IP AV-07B individual outdoor panel is what you need! This panel is the most advanced solution among the existing IP outdoor panels. With the BAS-IP AV-07B, you will feel safe at home, always be able to access information from your panel and intercom, and never miss a distinguished guest.

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You can provide the necessary level of protection for your home from an unauthorized entry using this panel, and the BAS-IP Intercom mobile application, in its turn, ensures the opportunity to receive video calls, answer them, and open the door from the application on your mobile device.

Installation and equipment

Installation can be both on a flush mounting and wall mounting. Complete device set includes all the necessary components. The wall-mounting bracket BR-AV7 is not included and can be purchased separately.

The basic equipment set includes a protective shroud, a sealing ring, screws, an Allen wrench, a built-in box for flush mounting, and a flush-mounting bracket.

The basic equipment set includes a protective shroud, a sealing ring, screws, an Allen wrench, a built-in box for flush mounting, and a flush-mounting bracket. The installation process is quite simple. But at the same time, if you install the AV-07B with a monitor, video cameras, and other equipment, it is more reasonable to entrust the installation to professionals.

The power source for the panel could be PoE 802.3af or + 12 V.


Today, this model has no analogues, not only among other manufacturers of intercom equipment but also in the BAS-IP line. The BAS-IP AV-07B is unique in its characteristics and design; there is no other similar model on the market.

Its stylish appearance, compactness, and modern colour solutions will be ideal for an apartment, a house, or a small office. From the point of view of technical aesthetics and ergonomics, the construction of the AV-07B is thoroughly thought-out.

To conclude our review, we would like to thank you for your interest and sum up. The AV-07B individual outdoor panel is specially designed for the customer and is adapted to the modern requirements of IP intercom systems and can be used as an element of security systems.

The installation and further usage of the panel are very convenient. A range of useful functionality is combined with a really convenient and intuitive control!

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