BAS-IP equipment will make your home not only secure, but also «smart»

07 September, 2015

Today people cannot imagine his or her life without intercom systems that have become an integral part of their lives in recent years. Developed from simple black-and-white models, intercoms have evolved and are now available in the most advanced form, namely, the form of IP intercom systems granting a user the possibility of controlling additional devices and integrating them all, creating the so-called “Smart Home” system.

In the beginning, intercoms were used to establish an audio connection with a visitor. Now, the functionality of such devices has expanded, they allow us to see a visitor and open the door lock remotely. It must be taken into account that the needs of modern people are constantly changing. Each and every one of us wants to refine the operation of the equipment at home or in the office to make life considerably easier. IR remote control panel, time-out module for electronic equipment, washing machines that give guidelines for washing, shower-rooms with integrated CD-players, dishwashers, coffeemakers, and other devices alike help us save time and energy every day.

All over the world, companies continue to improve their equipment, adding innovative functional capabilities. At this point, we would like to mention home automatics-specific control devices, thanks to which your home can become «smart».

What is the «Smart home» system and how it be implemented in a house?

First of all, it should be mentioned that the «Smart home» system is a smart set of equipment giving you the possibility of controlling your flat, country house, or office in an optimal and time-efficient manner. Thanks to the use of this system, you will reach a maximum level of comfort and safety in your house.

By using professionally designed modules, you can control the lights, curtains, air conditioning, elevators, and devices incorporating the IR management port (TVs, DVDs, and others).

What are the advantages of such a solution?

First of all, by using the «Smart home» system, you can save money. The system manages light and conditioning control. By leaving the house and switching on one of the scenarios («Nobody is at home», for example), the system will automatically switch every appliance off. That is why it is impossible to forget to turn something off.

Secondly, all switches in the flat, home, or office will be controlled by one device – internal monitor, smartphone, or tablet.

You can also set light control scenarios. For example, on a sunny day, you will be able to close the curtains, and in the evening – open them and turn on the light.

On top of that, using this system you can control the microclimate in your house. This will not only help you save energy but will also maintain the proper room temperature at all times.

This system will suit people who want comfort and peace after a hard day’s work. Coming home, you can switch all devices on by pressing one button. There will be no need for a large number of panels anymore.

Among the companies working on the development of such equipment, the BAS-IP (www.bas-ip.ruinternational company has to be mentioned, for it has been operating in the field of IP intercom systems since 2008. Even though initially «Smart home» technologies were developed to ensure comfort, devices offered by BAS-IP can make your house really «smart» and secure.

BAS-IP offers home automation control modules, We would like to discuss in some detail here.

BAS-IP SH-62 – A light control module that allows controlling switching the light on and off for four independent lighting channels. Up to 8 modules can be connected to one monitor.

BAS-IP SH-63 – curtain control module for two unrelated curtains, allows for opening and closing them, as well as setting them to any desired position. The user can connect up to 8 modules to one monitor.

Are you often late for work because your neighbour called the elevator at the wrong time? You can remotely call the elevator to one of 16 floors thanks to the BAS-IP EVRC-16 control module. A signal is transmitted by the central control unit of the elevator or by means of the connected mounting block of call buttons.

The SH-67 module can manage any device with an IR control module, DVD-player, TV, stereo, or air conditioning – they can all be controlled easily.

As can be seen, it is easy to create a «Smart home» system. Of course, the user can use only some of the proposed modules. For example, he or she can use light and curtain control modules only. It all depends on the user’s requirements and budget.

Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of up-to-date IP video intercoms that allow for:

  1. Using traditional functions of a video intercom;
  2. Arranging personal and centralized video surveillance system;
  3. Controlling access functions;
  4. Creating a comfortable living environment – «Smart home»;
  5. Connecting security alarm and detectors – creating a secure living environment;
  6. Monitoring remote facilities;
  7. Arranging the centralized group of distributed objects;
  8. Creating a unified informative environment for exchanging and receiving both personal and centralized information;
  9. In case of an emergency, it is possible to use IP video intercom systems as a LAS (local alarm system);
  10. Integrating outdoor panel cameras in the video surveillance system.

To sum up, IP video intercom systems became a necessity in the life of every person willing not only to protect his or her own house but also to create a comfortable living environment. It is now possible to reach the said goal thanks to the «Smart home» system.