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About IP systems

We have gotten used to coloured intercoms that slowly yet surely replaced the black-and-white ones of recent years. At the moment, individual video intercoms allow for the recognition of a visitor (or just for checking what is going on near the front door), and if necessary for communicating with him or her, as well as opening the door.

We are also fully aware of the presence of multi-apartment intercoms with audio handsets that prevent entering the house that are on the market. We know that it is quite easy to enter the front door without a key and code, there are lots of existing variants of these devices available.

However, not many know about one more type of intercom systems, IP intercoms. We would like to tell you a bit more about these devices and explain why they are better than analogue ones.

We will examine this system by using IP intercoms provided by the BAS-IP  Company.

In this article, we will examine the main differences between IP intercoms and analogue ones.

What are the major differences between them? First of all, one should focus on their functionality. The number of additional functions is not significant in analogue devices, whereas the overall functionality of IP intercoms is far better and safer. BAS-IP video intercom can be used as a photo frame to win the attention of viewers and recall some pleasant memories. You can also watch films and listen to music by using the device.

IP Video intercom control is not based on the use of mechanical keys, as it is in some analogue devices, for all BAS-IP video intercoms have touch screens.

Almost every model available has an integrated video camera, so it can be said that they support the intercom function. The user can communicate with neighbours while at the same time seeing them. If the user does not want someone to see him or her, he or she can switch off this function during the call by pressing a button.

One of the peculiarities of IP intercoms provided by BAS-IP is the fact that one can fully control the system by means of a mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Let us now look at exclusivity and design. The monitors will match any design of your apartment or house. The BAS-IP AS-10 video intercom will be suitable for modern residential objects. It has a 10-inch screen and a black glossy case. It will march the modern design of an apartment or a house neatly. AL-09 will perfectly fit the classic interior design. It is a 10-inch video intercom enclosed in a case made from genuine leather.

Each BAS-IP video intercom is equipped with a SD-slot so the user can easily update the firmware of the intercom and add new functions to.

The Smart Home system is also supported by BAS-IP intercoms. It is possible thanks to the introduction of additional modules. After connecting them, it is possible to control the light, air conditioning, curtains, as well to call an elevator. The user can set individual scenarios. For example, in the «Home» mode, light can be switched on in the hall, living room and kitchen, the curtains can be opened and air conditioning can be turned on. However, after activating the «Sleep» mode, the curtains will close, air conditioner units will turn off (except for those in the bedroom), and the night lightning will be turned on in the entire house. Such modes can be set according to user’s requirements.

As it can be seen, multifunctional IP video intercom is a great alternative to the «boring» colored monitor, because it will cope not only with all «intercom duties» without any problem, but it also support you with all its multimedia functions, as well as with automation control.

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