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New «Client-Operator» IP communication system from BAS-IP

Today we will discuss our CM-01 v3 operator monitor system along with two outdoor panels: CV-01 v3 single-button outdoor panel and CV-02 v3 two-button device. The Client-Operator IP communication system can manage up to 400 CM-01 v3 monitors, whereas each monitor can control up to 80 individual СV-01 v3 or СV-02 v3 call stations.

This communication system can make the process more convenient and replace the outdated systems with waiting lines being an integral part of the process in help stations and information points with call stations, where clients can contact the operator and receive necessary information through a dedicated IP line.

Informative columns are also useful for administrative employees, who can disclose information to all call stations at once thanks to the use of the operator monitor. Unlike the concierge monitor, which is based on an intercom connection, this IP system provides the party-line communication with the possibility of communicating in both bilateral (listening and speaking) and one-way (listening only) manner.

By applying the CM-01 v3 monitor, alerts and other useful notifications can be generated by the connected call stations. By using the monitor, it is possible to initiate address alerting by selecting definite call stations, as well as grouped stations. Alerts can be generated for groups of stations or every station at the same time.

The monitor and handset provide an operator with a comfortable broadcasting functionality, with easy to control thanks to the ability to select desired functions from the LCD touch-screen. For user convenience, the information presented on the screen is organized in an intuitive and understandable manner. All users, call stations, and monitors are visually shown on the touch-screen. When a call is forwarded, the operator can see the number of the caller. Also, the panel highlights incoming calls are highlighted in red. To accept a call, the operator has to press a  button. To send a piece of information to all users, one has to pick up the receiver and activate the appropriate function on the screen, then information from the operator will be heard by all call station users.

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Yet another advantage of the client-operator communication system is the possibility of informing users, employees, workers, areas, and rooms systematically. In particular, there is the playback function for mp3 files and the operator can run the recorded message a particular number of times. The recording will be sent to all the connected call stations. This function’s goal will be useful in malls. Such panels, installed at information booths, will help the administrator inform visitors about certain events. There is also the «timed alert» function, which allows for creating delayed alert-specific reminders on the screen of CM-01 v3. The said audio recording will be played at a scheduled time set by the operator. The pre-recorded voice message of the administrator can be played, for example, at 9 o’clock each day, as well as inform visitors about an earlier end of the working day.

The call holding function is also useful if the user is communicating with someone and then a second call comes in. Then, the first call can be put on hold and the user can switch over to the second one.

Similarly to all third-generation version BAS-IP devices, the monitor can transfer calls through SIP to any other device on which the SIP client is installed. This software can be installed on PCs, softphones, tablets, and smartphones.

It should also be mentioned that electromechanical or electromagnetic locks can be connected to each СV-01 v3 call station, as they have an integrated door lock controller. If it is necessary, the operator can unlock all locks connected to the monitor by just pressing one button. Such function is extremely important in emergency situations, for example, in the case of fire or safety training.

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To sum up, the client-operator IP communication system (BAS-IP CM-01 v3 and CV-01 v3, СV-02 v3) is an important part of any access control system and ensures top-quality bilateral communication.

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