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Smart switches BAS-IP

Aside from video intercoms, BAS-IP offers individual and multi-apartment outdoor panels, fire alert panels, home automation control modules, client-operator systems, and SIP commutation switches for 16 and 200 users. BAS-IP experts have also developed this line of «smart» switches.

The designers have worked long and hard on their design to create something unique, innovative, along with being user-friendly. Switches will match any interior style. We believe that we have reached the goal we have set for ourselves!

First of all, it should be mentioned that the devices take advantage of the ZigBee protocol. What is that? Many applications require wireless telecommunication networks that have a relatively low transmission rate but are reliable, fail-safe (capable of self-repairing), as well as easy to be deployed and used. It is also important that the equipment of such networks should allow for a long-lasting operation by using self-contained power supplies, therefore being cost-effective and compact. «Smart home» is a perfect example of such an application. ZigBee specification meets the requirements provided above perfectly. Additionally, ZigBee provides the protection of encryption data transmitted via wireless channels.

At the moment, the following devices are available: light modules for 1 and 2 channels, light dimmer, curtain switch, and scenario control module. All these devices are connected through the SH-71 protocol converter.

So, let’s take a closer look at them. Light control modules for 1 and 2 channels are the SH-73 and SH-74, respectively. They are truly aesthetically pleasing. They are square form and made out of glass, with dimensions of 86×86×36 mm. Other control modules have touch buttons and external view. For a single-channel module, the user can switch the light on and off with just a single press of a button. In double-channel modules, there are two buttons that allow for switching the light on and off.

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The SH-76 module is a dimmer with 1 channel. It incorporates two buttons. By pressing the upper one, the light intensity begins to increase, and by pressing the other one, it gradually decreases.

The SH-78 module is a curtain switch with 1 channel. The basic idea is extremely simple. One button opens the curtains and the other closes the curtains.

Finally, the SH-72 module allows for controlling scenarios (up to 4). By using the BAS-IP IP video intercom, you can set up to 4 scenarios that can be used. For example, when you go to bed, you can run the «Sleep» scenario with a single press of the button, which will result in switching off the light and air conditioning, as well as in closing the curtains.

We offer our customers a varied selection of «smart» switches, available in different colours, meaning that you can easily match the purchased ZigBee switch to the colour of your interior and use it in a reliable, comfortable, and safe manner.

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