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EAN: 5060514913789 (black)
EAN-5060514913796 (silver)
EAN: 5060514913789 (black)
EAN-5060514913796 (silver)


Touchless Button Doorbell

Stylish touchless button doorbell with the option to individually engrave a name or logo. For both outdoor and indoor installation.

Easy replacement for AV-04FD entrance panel
Due to using the same size flush-mounting bracket, if necessary, the SH-46T contactless doorbell can be replaced with either the BAS-IP AV-04FD or BAS-IP AV-04AFD panel.
Contactless technology

Contactless access is an in-demand trend. In addition to providing convenience for guests, having a contactless doorbell prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, which is very important in the modern world!

Illumination of the call button with a different light allows you to instantly determine whether a call has taken place or not.

Flush mounting

Doorbell BAS-IP SH-46T is specially designed for flush mounting.

The doorbell front panel is housed in an aluminium case with a thickness of only 2mm, which will give your exterior a modern and elegant look.

Individual engraving

On the front panel of the doorbell, there is space for the apartment number, name, or company logo for identification.

This gives the SH-46T an advantage for use in almost any place: apartments, shopping centres, factories, and urban infrastructure.

Although this proximity button is IP68 waterproof and dustproof, outdoor installation should still be avoided if rainfall is possible in your area, creating a dense wall of rain in front of the face of the button, in order to avoid unintentional false positives.

To avoid inadvertent activation of the proximity button sensors during rainfall creating a dense rain wall, the proximity button must be installed in such a way that the dense rain wall during precipitation extends no closer and not less than 800 mm from the face of the proximity button.

Power supply: +12 V DC (+1%, – 15%)
Work resource: Over 100 million clicks
Protection class: IP68
Permissible humidity: 10% – 94%
Working temperature: -40 – +60 °C
Colors: Silver, Black
• The ability to change the color of the backlight
• Trigger mode
• Aluminium cover
Dimensions: 86×86×19,5 mm
IK-Code: IK09
Gross weight: 0.26 kg

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