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Building Call Box

All BAS-IP Building Call Boxes are equipped with an excellent IP camera with high resolution and a wide viewing angle.

With our building call box you can open the lock contactless using your smartphone with Bluetooth/NFC (building call box must be equipped with UKEY reader then).

The metal housing of the panels is not only resistant to mechanical impact, but also to rain, temperature, dust, wind. So our building call boxes are weatherproff. Case keeps a long presentable appearance and protects all the electronics inside.

Building Call Box

Building Call Box Relay

SH-42 security relay module can be connected to all BAS-IP building call boxes, which allows you to control two independent devices (gate/door) during the call, as well as to secure the owner from breaking in by tearing off the door station and manually “shorting” the contacts of the electric lock and gate drive. SH-42 is connected via RS-485 bus to the building call box, which allows you to install it at a considerable distance from the call box. It is worth noting that this module has inputs are not only executive relays, but also connectors and Exit buttons and door position sensors.