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Android IP Video Intercoms

Monitor, intercom, indoor station – there are many words denoting essentially the same intercom, which is designed to provide secure and controlled access to the premises. The video intercom allows, being inside the house without direct contact, to see, and talk with the visitor and as, if necessary, remotely open the door for him. It […]

Doorbird Intercom Alternative – BAS-IP. Who Suits You Better?

What is Doorbird Doorbird is a German company that has been manufacturing IP intercoms since 2010 (however, the first model appeared in 2015). Doorbird is focusing on intercom mobile applications. The company just recently made its first intercom monitor. The main office of the company is located in Berlin, Germany. Following the German tradition, most […]

Intercom Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication is a scary word, but you come across this feature every day! 2FA in Daily Life When you swipe your card at an ATM, it asks you to enter a pin code. When you authorize on the site by entering your login and password, and at the same time you receive a Security […]

Hikvision Intercom System

What is Hikvision Intercom? Hikvision was founded in China in 2001 and from the early years of its development focused on video cameras and video surveillance systems (CCTV). In the CCTV world, Hikvision has gone far in the development of both hardware and software. The company is a leader in many countries in video surveillance […]

Amazon Hub Reviews

Amazon Hub Reviews | Amazon Hub Apartment Locker Review, Cost, Alternatives You increasingly continue to shop online and feel tired of the endless stream of boxes that pile up on your doorstep. That’s right, online shopping is not easy, especially when we talk about Amazon, therefore you need qualified management software. It doesn’t matter if […]

Videx intercom system

What is Videx? Videx was founded more than thirty years ago and has specialized in intercoms, video intercoms and access control systems since the beginning. It constantly improves the range of products, its quality, the services offered, and becomes one of the most famous brands of intercoms. Since 1986, VIDEX has seen the security market […]

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