Articles / 2022

28 February, 2022

Guest car parking pass

The functionality allows integrating BAS-IP entrance panels with cameras* for license plates recognition and further opening of the barrier for cars whose numbers are stored in the panel’s memory. The main function of the car numbers recognition ...


23 February, 2022

Paxton Entry Intercom System

What is Paxton Access Paxton is a British company that manufactures intercoms, access control systems, door locks. Paxton claims to have 30 years of experience in the industry, however, we were unable to locate the company’s history or the ...


21 February, 2022

Android IP Video Intercoms

Monitor, intercom, indoor station – there are many words denoting essentially the same intercom, which is designed to provide secure and controlled access to the premises. The video intercom allows, being inside the house without direct ...


20 February, 2022

Doorbird Intercom Alternative – BAS-IP. Who Suits You Better?

What is Doorbird Doorbird is a German company that has been manufacturing IP intercoms since 2010 (however, the first model appeared in 2015). Doorbird is focusing on intercom mobile applications. The company just recently made its first ...