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How to Check Your Rental History: Unlock Your Past

How to Check Your Rental History

Understanding your rental history is crucial when it comes to securing your next home. This record, much like a credit report, can significantly influence a landlord’s decision to rent to you. Therefore, knowing how to check your rental history is an essential skill for any tenant.

Why Checking Your Rental History is Important

Your rental history is a record of your behavior as a tenant. It includes information about your payment punctuality, lease agreement violations, and any eviction proceedings. Landlords use this information during the tenant screening process to assess if you’re a reliable renter. By checking your rental history, you can ensure there are no inaccuracies that could potentially harm your chances of securing a rental property.

What is Included in a Rental History Report

A rental history report typically includes:

Personal InformationYour name, date of birth, and social security number.
Rental HistoryDetails of your past rentals, including addresses, dates, landlords, and any issues.
Payment HistoryRecord of your rent payment punctuality.
EvictionsAny eviction proceedings against you.
Lease ViolationsAny violations of your lease agreements.

How to Check Your Rental History: A Step-by-Step Guide

Contacting Your Previous Landlords

Start by reaching out to your previous landlords. They can provide information about your rental history directly. Remember to approach them professionally and respectfully.

Checking with Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit reporting agencies like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion can provide rental history reports. You can request these reports annually for free or for a small fee.

Using Online Rental History Services

Several online services provide comprehensive rental history reports. These platforms can be a convenient way to check your rental history, especially if you’ve moved frequently.

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Understanding Your Rental History Report

Once you have your rental history report, review it carefully. Ensure all personal information is accurate, and understand the details of your rental history. If you find any inaccuracies, contact the relevant party to correct them.

How to Improve Your Rental History

Improving your rental history involves consistent rent payments, adhering to your lease agreement, and maintaining a good relationship with your landlord. If you’ve had issues in the past, don’t despair. Over time, with good tenant behavior, your rental history can improve.


Checking your rental history is a proactive step towards securing your future rentals. By understanding your rental history, you can address any issues and improve your chances of being a top pick for landlords.


Q: How often should I check my rental history?

It’s advisable to check your rental history annually or before starting a new rental application.

Q: Can I dispute inaccuracies in my rental history report?

Yes, if you find inaccuracies in your report, you can dispute them with the reporting agency or the landlord who provided the information.

Q: How long does negative information stay on my rental history?

Typically, negative information like evictions stays on your rental history for seven years.

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