Introducing the UKEY technology

With the BAS-IP UKEY mobile access control APP installed on your iOS or Android device, you can open the building doors or receive access to a territory, where the BAS-IP outdoor panels are installed and equipped with an up-to-date multi-functional NFC and Bluetooth / BLE reader.

Mobile access to the building


Take your mobile phone


Bring it to the panel and activate the telephone screen


The door opens

- Don't forget your access card for the school doors!
- My telephone is with me, so everything is OK)

Usual access cards

How often do you forget to take your access card or keyholder when leaving your house or flat? Meanwhile, your phone is always handy! It is easy to forget your access card, to break or lose it. But you won't forget your phone at home or at work.

It is so easy to forget the access card, you can either break it or lose it. But you won’t forget your phone, either at home or at work.

UKEY mobile identification is unique for each user. You can receive your key remotely (e-mail, WhatsApp, Messenger), saving you time for both the service company and residents.

The normal access cards can be copied, so this means that there is a possibility for unauthorized entry into the premises. However, it is impossible to copy UKEY mobile identification.

If you have lost your card, it could be used by a third party. Telephones have additional face ID/fingerprint or password protection.

Extremely Quick Keyless Access

Download the application

Receive the code

Open the door

Simple and easy access

Activate the screen

Unlocked the screen or just pressed the "Power" button. Activate your phone, using the "Raise to wake".

Using the application

Once unlocked, enter the UI program and open the door by clicking on the button..

The technology is available for different types of buildings

It is always hard to find a bunch of keys or necessary keyholder in your bag or pocket, and an access card can be lost along with your other cards. For ease and time economy, it is easier to use your mobile phone access to enter your home.
It is convenient for use in modern office centres, where access control systems are used. Places designed for many employees and visitors who you have given access to.
Normally you have to drive close to the access point ie: swipe cards to access the garage or parking area, with a mobile phone and the application there is no need.

The equipment supporting the UKEY mobile identification

User-friendliness for all generations

Along with the possibility to open doors and gates via your mobile phone, the system allows using keyholders and access cards of different types of EM-Marin, Mifare.

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