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People come to the cottage villages looking for peace and tranquillity, and BAS-IP systems have been chosen carefully. With BAS-IP, residents and their guests are always assured of their safety and security.

We have studied residents of modern residential complexes very carefully; complexes with issues like safety and tranquillity. Designing for them a bespoke BAS-IP system, with quality guarantee.

Office centres and shopping malls — these are places with large concentrations of people, so it is especially crucial that they take care of the safety of all their employees and visitors. BAS-IP systems cope with this task perfectly.

23 Appartments
Quito, Ecuador
246 Appartments
Kiev, Ukraine
32 Appartments
Miami, FL, USA
320 Appartments
72 Appartments
Hulhumale, Maldives
48 Appartments
Bratislava, Slovakia