30 April, 2014

Management Software v 3.0 is the utility, developed by the company BAS-IP, for solving the complex problems related to the work with security systems in the residential and office complexes.

By means of Management Software v 3.0 the security desk of the building has a possibility to monitor the statuses of the outdoor panels, inner monitors and concierge monitors in the system, namely: connection to the network, their logical address and established type of the security regime.

Due to this software the accounting and statistics formation becomes much easier. In the Excel-file you will get the accounting about the pass count breakpoints, actions of the program operator, security warning reports on the internal monitors in the system with the operator instructions about this action, security status mode on the internal monitors and other information necessary for properly work of the security system of the big residential complex. Each report you can display on a monitor or print it.

With the help of MS v 3.0. it is possible to send short text messages (up to 70 symbols) on every monitor connected to the network. This is enough appropriate way to report important information to particular or all users (for example, information about meetings, service debts and etc)

Among other peculiarities of MS v 3.0. one can note the possibility to differentiate the access rights (operator, administrator or regular user) and to create the backup copies manually or automatically at scheduled time.