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EAN: 5060514912324
EAN: 5060514912324


Ethernet to 2-wire converter

Connects devices to a LAN network via Ethernet and enables 2-wire interfacing with SW-10/SW-08 converters.


SW-01 is used to convert Ethernet signals to signals of a two-wire line. It expands the Ethernet segment with devices connected to a twowire line.

Converters can be used when connecting, distributing, and converting signals for IP devices (call panels, internal monitors, etc.) through a two-wire cable with 128-bit AES and guaranteed QoS for loss-sensitive devices.

More detailed information about configuration, connection, and installation can be found here.

Power supply: 48 V DC (PoE)
Power consumption: 1 W in standby mode, 7 W in operation
Connection: UTP Cat 5 on one end, and 2 wires (AWG 24) on the opposite end.
Cable length: Maximum of 50 meters for 2-wire connections, and 100 meters for Ethernet cables (UTP Cat 5,6).
Box dimensions: 135×97×33 mm
Gross weight: 0.19 kg

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