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BAS-IP UKEY is a free application for iOS and Android smartphones, which allows you to get access into the building or to the certain territory in places where the BAS-IP outdoor panels are installed, equipped with a special readers BAS-IP MR-03B.

Opening the door, turnstile or boom barrier is carried out in several ways
- by pushing a button in the application interface;
- by activating (enabling) the mobile screen without unlocking.

A unique UKEY mobile identifier which resides in the application, protected from copying and cloning, as well as protected from the possibility of decryption and parsing for subsequent illegal use, by an interception from any radio aids.

Ways to get a mobile ID:
1 – scan the QR code (only for mobile phone);
2 – via BAS-IP TR-03B reader.


Control of external equipment• Opening the door lock connected to the call panel;
• Transfer identifier when screen is activated;
• Transfer identifier by pressing a button in the application itself.
Identity management on the phone• Delete identifiers from the phone memory forever;
• Obtaining an identifiers by scanning a QR code;
• Obtaining an identifier by reading from a desktop reader TR-03B;
• Getting identifiers from file saved on phone.