IP indoor video entry phone


The New Generation BAS-IP AT-07L IP video intercom indoor monitor is designed with a 7-inch stylish IPS touch-screen colour display and aluminium case, with a rich interface operating on Android 6.0 OS.

It’s powerful with a highly configurable, user-friendly interface, easy-to-install, and suitable to be installed in diverse usage scenarios such as apartments, villas, office space, and buildings.

EAN-5060514913567 (Black)
EAN-5060514913550 (White)
EAN-5060514913574 (Gold)

Mounting benefits
Flush mounting
(bracket included)
Flush-mounted thickness:
5 mm
Side wire connection
Wall mounting
(bracket included)
Wall-mounted thickness:
26.5 mm
Aluminium body
Simple installation
The wall mount installation offers two options with a socket built-in and without. Meaning, in the first case, it is a standard way to connect the monitor through the built-in socket, in the second, it does not require any alterations to the wall, the cable runs along the wall and connects to the monitor through a side entrance.
Possible types of built-in socket for
mounting AT-07L

(86x86 mm)

(60 mm)

(107x67.5 mm)

Lift call
For the convenience of residents, in the navigation panel on the main screen of the monitor, there is a lift call button. Thanks to this you can call yourself a lift directly to the floor.
High definition screen
The AT-07L monitor is primarily distinguished by its very high definition screen, and thanks to the proprietary image enhancement technologies, its extremely high elaborations are felt. Screen elements appear crisp and the colour is unobtrusive and realistic.

IPS screen

Thanks to the use of IPS technology, even a child can see the picture on the monitor, looking at it from a non-right angle. The side view will also please the eye with a clear image. The monitor has been developed with improved contrast and reduced power consumption.


The AT-07L indoor monitor has two installation options: wall mount and flush mount, using a special brackets. The installation brackets are included. The monitor has a flush-mount magnetic arm.

Quad splitter

The "Quad splitter" function divides the monitor screen into four rectangular areas, each of which contains an image from a video cameras and an entrance panels connected to your intercom system. This allows you to see the images from four cameras at once in real-time.

Installing third-party applications

AT-07L indoor monitor is ready for the installation of third-party applications from any systems and manufacturers. This gives practically limitless opportunities to control home automation.
If you already have a Smart home system from another manufacturer, you only need to install the mobile application of this manufacturer on the BAS-IP monitor. This will make managing generated scenes more convenient.

Flexibility of customisation and extensions
8-core processor
The processor in the AT-07L monitor consists of two quad-cores that distribute different tasks among themselves depending on their type while providing fast and flexible multitasking.
High definition video support
The AT-07L monitor supports video with a higher resolution and quality than standard definition.
Android 6.0
With the Android 6.0 operating system, the monitor benefits from fast performance and multitasking, as well as convenient and intuitive operation.
Downloading custom MP3 ringtones
The ability to download your MP3 tunes will make the arrival of guests always pleasant.



General characteristics
7” IPS LCD, capacitive touch screen
Screen resolution
Recording video and audio to SD card (up to 32 GB)
Built-in camera
Power supply
PoE, +12 V DC (+10% -4%)
236×128×26,5 mm
Wall mount, flush mount (brackets included)
White, gold, black
Mobile app
BAS-IP Intercom (free)
Possibility of connecting additional monitors
Up to 8 monitors
Number of indoor or outdoor panels
Up to 9 panels
Number of multi-apartment outdoor panels
Up to 9 panels
Number of IP cameras
Up to 32 cameras
8 inputs for sensors
Connection of the call button
Controlled output in the case of an incoming call
Extra slots
Slot for SD card (microSDHC), RS-485
Number of ringtones
9 polyphonic ringtones
Possibility of using custom MP3 ringtones
Intercom type
Audio intercom
Home automation control
Light, curtains, lift
Message reception support
Viewing video, photo, and audio files from the SD card
Standby mode
Yes, time adjustable
Several screensaver types in standby mode
Quad splitter; Multi-camera live viewing; Clock; Photo frame; Live tour view; Single IP camera live viewing.
DND mode
Yes, time adjustable
Silent mode
Yes, time adjustable
Backup photos taken during a call
Ability to install third-party apps
Third-party widget support
Software update
Via Ethernet

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