Articles / 2015

06 May, 2015

CR-01 external network reader with a controller provided by BAS-IP

The external network reader with the controller CR-01 from the company BAS-IP became the necessary device in the ACS.


18 April, 2015

Presentation of the BAS-IP AV-02 V3outdoor panel

The new panel BAS-IP AV-02 v3 differs from other BAS-IP panels by the double-way feed – it can be powered both from the power units +12V and the twisted pair (PoE).


23 February, 2015

BA-04 and BA-08 v3 outdoor panels provided by the BAS-IP Company

BAS-IP company presents two new models of the IP outdoor panels BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08.


17 December, 2014

New «Client-Operator» IP communication system from BAS-IP

This system consists of the operator monitor CM-01 v3 and two outdoor panels: single-button outdoor panel - CV-01 v3 and two-button one - CV-02 v3. IP communication system client-operator is able to connect up to 400 monitors CM-01 v3, at this ...