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KNX Association: Leading the Smart Home Revolution

KNX Association

The KNX Association is an international consortium of companies that work together to create and maintain the KNX protocol. Established in 1999 in Brussels, Belgium, it was founded with the aim to provide a single standard that overcomes the constraints of standalone devices and systems in home and building automation.

Strength in Diversity: Global Manufacturers at the Helm

The association brings together over 400 manufacturers from more than 40 countries, representing a diverse array of sectors, including lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), security, energy management, metering, audio/video, white goods, and more. These member companies offer more than 8,000 certified product groups in their catalogues, all of which comply with the KNX standard.

Top 20 Brands in the KNX Association

Company NameProductsMember SinceCountry
SiemensHVAC, Lighting, Security1999Germany
ABBHVAC, Lighting, Energy Management1999Switzerland
HagerLighting, Security, Energy Management1999Germany
Schneider ElectricHVAC, Lighting, Metering2000France
GiraHVAC, Lighting, Audio/Video1999Germany
JungHVAC, Lighting, Audio/Video1999Germany
LegrandLighting, Security, Energy Management2002France
ThebenLighting, HVAC, Security1999Germany
ZennioLighting, HVAC, Audio/Video2005Spain
B.E.G.Lighting, Security2005Germany
WeinzierlHVAC, Lighting, Metering2003Germany
MertenLighting, Security, Energy Management1999Germany
Busch-JaegerLighting, HVAC, Security1999Germany
BerkerHVAC, Lighting, Audio/Video1999Germany
Elsner ElektronikHVAC, Lighting, Metering2007Germany
JVILighting, Security, Audio/Video2006France
EkinexHVAC, Lighting, Energy Management2008Italy
Albrecht JungHVAC, Lighting, Audio/Video1999Germany
KNX1HVAC, Lighting, Security2006Germany
BasalteLighting, HVAC, Audio/Video2008Belgium

The Assurance of Quality: Certifying KNX Compliance

A major role of the Association is to ensure the compliance of these products with the KNX standard, guaranteeing their interoperability and interworking. It does this by certifying products that have been tested for compliance with the KNX standard, ensuring they can work together in a KNX installation.

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In addition to product certification, the KNX Association also manages the KNX standard, ensuring its ongoing relevance and adaptability in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The association supports research and development activities that contribute to the advancement of the standard, as well as promoting its use through activities such as trade shows, training programs, and awards.

Empowering Professionals: The Role of KNX Training Centre

Another key area of the KNX Association’s work is training and education. Through the international KNX Training Centre, the association provides a variety of training courses to help professionals acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to design, install, and maintain KNX systems. This commitment to professional development has helped to create a global network of certified KNX partners, who are skilled in implementing KNX solutions in a wide variety of contexts.

Beyond the Association: Extending KNX Reach and Influence

The Association also promotes the use of the KNX standard beyond its member companies, engaging with a broad array of stakeholders including engineers, architects, building owners, and end-users. Through their collaborative efforts, the KNX Association has significantly contributed to the widespread adoption and continued success of the KNX standard in home and building automation.


Q: What is the KNX Association?

The KNX Association is an international consortium that maintains and develops the KNX protocol, a worldwide standard for home and building automation.

Q: What does the KNX Association do?

The KNX Association ensures the compliance of products with the KNX standard, manages the ongoing development of the standard, supports R&D activities, promotes the use of KNX through various activities, and provides training courses through the international KNX Training Centre.

Q: How can a company join the KNX Association?

Any company involved in home or building automation can apply to become a member of the KNX Association. The process involves agreeing to the Association’s statutes, and committing to develop and promote KNX technology.

Q: Does the KNX Association offer training?

Yes, the KNX Association provides a variety of training courses through the international KNX Training Centre. These courses help professionals acquire the skills needed to design, install, and maintain KNX systems.

Q: How does the KNX Association ensure product compliance?

The KNX Association certifies products that have been tested for compliance with the KNX standard, ensuring that they can function properly in a KNX installation.

Q: Can individuals join the KNX Association?

Individuals cannot directly become members of the KNX Association, but they can become KNX Partners by taking a certified course from a KNX Training Centre. As a KNX Partner, they gain access to a global network of KNX professionals and resources.

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