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ButterflyMX Intercom System Comparison

What is Butterfly MX

Butterfly MX is a very young intercom brand (founded in 2014), but it seems to be very motivated and ambitious to take a major share of the US intercom market.

Headquartered in New York, it covers one of most populous state in America. According to official figures, more than 6,500 people use the ButterflyMX intercom system every day.

A key feature of Butterfly MX is the use of mobile devices instead of indoor phones or intercoms. All you need is an iOS or Android device. That is, the Butterflymx system consists only of the intercom outdoor panel. Simple and cool. But at the same time, it is also a big disadvantage. You should always carry your phone with you, make sure that it is always charged, as well as your data plan is paid. Otherwise, you will simply miss the call.

ButterflyMX Cost

Price is another drawback of equipment from Butterfly mx intercom. You have to pay a considerable annually subscription fee of about 45 USD per each apartment. The average IP indoor monitor costs $200. That is, its payback would be a maximum of 5 years. But back to the intercom panel. If the average market price of a multi-apartment intercom panel is 1500-2000 USD, the Butterfly security system costs 3 times more. To be honest, what caused this price is not very clear, because there is nothing outstanding in this panel. It does not even have a known protection rate, so it is very easy to break it, even with a blow. Who will pay for the replacement of an expensive panel?

Recently, the Mxbutterfly company has been focusing not only on intercom systems in its purest form, but also on various solutions for home management companies. For example, special intercom solutions for the package rooms.

We have a lot of respect for ButterflyMX and what intercom software they are developing. While developing LINK property management software for the US market, we also discovered the Butterfly MX solution. We think we have already done a great job. Below you will find a comparison chart/review of BAS-IP and ButterflyMX intercom systems.

ButterflyMX vs BAS-IP Comparison

Feature BAS-IP Butterfly MX
Build-In Camera Yes, 2MP
Access Control EM-Marin/MIFARE*/NFC/ Bluetooth
Keyless Entry
Virtual keys (PIN codes) for visitors
QR codes for visitor access
Multifactor Autentification
Property management software integrations
Measuring Temperature
Cloud-based access management
Indoor Phones
Indoor Monitors 7 models
Android Based Monitors
3rd Party APP Support
Mobile APP
Elevator control
Connected IP Cameras Integration
MIFARE Classic/NFC/Bluetooth
Looking for intercom system?
Disclaimer: The current comparison was made on December 7, 2021. The Comparison based on information we have available to us at the time of writing.

*BAS-IP supports Mifare Classic, Plus, Desfire EV1, Ultralight.

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