A new firmware for panels

02 September, 2022

In August 2022 a new firmware was released for Multi-apartment entrance panels (version 3.16.0 and 3.17.0) and Individual entrance panels (version 3.4.0). In this review, we will give details about what is interesting and new from this firmware!

Multi-apartment entrance panels (and AV-08FB). Release 3.16.0 and 3.17.0.

  • Implemented the function to disable voice prompts for face recognition and QR code
  • Added ability to select transport protocol for SIP (UPD/TCP/TLS)
  • Added the ability to enter User ID and activate Ring code 183 in SIP settings
  • Added voice notification about the completion of the Face ID and/or QR code recognition process for AV-08FB and BI panels
  • Added the ability to send the lift when opening the door from the monitor during a conversation
  • Implemented the use of complex SIP passwords
  • Implemented the ability to turn off the sound for the RTSP stream
  • Implemented the ability to set a timeout for playing a sound notification in an emergency
  • Updated sound notification function in case of emergency
  • Updated Syslog events
  • Updated multi-factor authentication settings menu
  • Increased notification display time for multifactorial authorization for АА-14FB
  • Fixed minor bugs

Firmware for AV-08FB.
Firmware for other models.

Individual entrance panels (except AV-08FB). Release 3.4.0.

  • Implemented a new type of identifier – license plate
  • Added the function of opening the lock when determining the license plate
  • Added ability to load custom lock opening ringtones
  • Added the ability to set custom DTMF codes for opening locks
  • Added the ability to set the date and time manually for CR-02BD
  • Added the ability to enable / disable exit button contacts
  • Added the ability to connect multiple (up to 4) SH-42 modules and open up to 8 locks
  • Fixed minor bugs

Firmware for individual panels.
Firmware for AA-07BD.
Firmware for CR-02BD.