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10 Best Smart Locks for Apartment Buildings

Nowadays, smart locks are becoming more popular, so it is only a matter of time before physical keys disappear. A smart lock is a much better choice, as it allows tenants to access their apartment via a PIN code or even their smartphone without having a physical key.

However, if you’re thinking about purchasing a smart lock system, it is crucial to make research and choose the type of smart lock that will both follow your needs and suit your apartment the best. In this article, we will tell you more about the advantages of a smart lock system and will discuss their types, as well as their benefits and disadvantages.

The Best 10 Smart Locks for Your Apartment in 2023

  2. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt
  3. August WiFi Smart Lock
  4. Nest X Yale Lock with Nest Connect
  5. Halo WiFi-Enabled Smart Door Lock
  6. Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt
  7. Lockly Secure Smart Locks 
  8. Wyze Lock
  9. Danalock V3 Smart Lock
  10. UKEY Mobile Access Control

How Does a Smart Lock Work?

Modern locks do not need a traditional key to open a door. Instead, when using a smart lock, you can unlock the door with an app on your smartphone or by entering a PIN code on the keypad.

The smart lock device will be useful if you’ve ever locked yourself out, misplaced your keys, or struggled to locate them in your luggage. The sooner you install the smart lock security system, the sooner you will no longer need a key to unlock the door. Nevertheless, some smart lock types still feature a keyhole as an option to use a physical key.

If you intend to install smart locks on all the doors in your multi-tenant building, we recommend consulting with a professional installer who can help you to choose the most effective system. Remember that every type of smart lock will need a wireless connection, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Why You Should Invest In a Smart Lock Device

Apartment facilities have been used to draw in and keep tenants. However, many property managers are uncertain about which amenities will be profitable enough to keep residents happy. Nowadays, tenants of all ages want modern conveniences that are supported by technology, such as smart video intercoms, and smart door locks. This proves that your residents value easy access to their properties.

According to recent studies, keyless entry ranks as the second most requested smart apartment amenity. In addition, 45% of tenants predict that traditional door keys will become obsolete over the next ten years. Your bottom line depends on pleasing your residents. Purchasing the smart lock system is considered to be an easy way to increase resident retention and lower turnover.

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Additionally, the ability of smart locks to work with other smart home devices is a fine bonus. Integrate a cloud-based video intercom with a smart lock system for the best property access experience. These two proptech systems offer keyless access to all flats within the building, starting at the complex’s main entrance.

Top Smart Locks for Apartment Buildings

Smart LockNotable FeaturesPotential Drawbacks
SALTO KS XS4Adaptable access control, mobile app and web control, no wiring required
Schlage Encode DeadboltBuilt-in WiFi, voice command compatibility, cloud-based access control integration
August WiFi Smart LockCompatible with existing keys, auto-lock/unlock, temporary virtual keys
Nest X Yale LockWorks with Nest app, up to 20 passcodes, automatic reminders
Halo WiFi-Enabled LockBluetooth entry, voice command compatibility, code limitationsShort battery life (less than 6 months)
Schlage Connect DeadboltVacation mode, touchscreen keypad, fingerprint-resistantBulky design
Lockly Secure Smart LocksFingerprint security, remote access, latch and deadbolt variants
Wyze LockAffordable, two-factor authentication, door-open notificationsLimited features, no smart assistant integration, requires gateway
Danalock V3 Smart LockZigbee and Z-Wave Plus compatibility, one-year battery life, wide compatibility
UKEY Mobile AccessApp-based access, NFC and Bluetooth compatibility, works with various building types


SALTO KS is one of the leaders in the smart locks market. It offers its consumers adaptable access control for multi-tenant buildings and commercial offices. In addition, Building staff may delegate responsibilities and control access for renters, service providers, staff members, and other users through the web or a mobile app. You may also deliver mobile keys to visitors and keep tabs on door activity with a continuous broadcast.

The XS4 may be placed on practically any type of door, including those with thin frames since it doesn’t require wiring. The XS4 smart lock has three variations in the United States: the original, a keypad version, and the XS4 compact for cylindrical latches.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

The Schlage Deadbolt is easy to install, has built-in WiFi, and provides residents and property managers with complete access from anywhere. Hundreds more cloud-based access control firms, like Brivo and Vanderbilt, are also integrated into the system. You’ll benefit from smooth building access when combined with a video intercom like BAS-IP.

Voice commands from Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri may also be used with this system. With personalized access codes, you may give loved ones quick access to your property and get notified if your lock is opened.

August WiFi Smart Lock

The August WiFi Smart Lock simply requires you to modify the portion of your deadbolt that is located within your apartment, unlike many other smart locks on the market. This implies that if your renters so want, they may continue to use their original keys.

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The smart lock also has a sensor that can detect when your door is closed and allow WiFi or Bluetooth auto-lock and unlocking. August may be set to lock when your door is closed and to immediately unlock when you walk up to it. Through the smartphone app, you can also generate temporary virtual keys.

Nest X Yale Lock with Nest Connect

No matter where you are, you can lock and unlock your door with a tap of your finger thanks to the Nest X Yale Lock with Nest Connect, which was made to operate with the Nest app. To allow house cleaners, dog walkers, and other service providers access to the apartment while no one is home, residents can generate up to 20 passcodes.

There are some extra features included with this smart lock, such as an automatic reminder, so tenants won’t ever have to worry if they forgot to lock the door. With just a screwdriver, the Nest X is simple to put up, and it seems to be quite simple to use.

Halo WiFi-Enabled Smart Door Lock

Using your smartphone to enter is possible thanks to this lock’s Bluetooth connection. Additionally, it is integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to lock or open the door using only your voice. Anyone requiring an apartment key can receive codes from both residents and property management. Halo also makes it simple to limit those codes by a certain day or time.

However, users have noted that the battery life of this smart lock sometimes lasts fewer than six months, which is a downside.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

Your tenants can use vacation mode while they’re gone to remove all codes and simply allow admission with a key. The touchscreen features audible built-in warning sensors and is resistant to fingerprints. If you’re looking for a more minimalist solution, this lock might not be the greatest fit for you because it may be a little larger than most other smart locks.

Lockly Secure Smart Locks 

The Secure Pro and Secure Plus series of Lockly Secure Smart Locks include additional fingerprint security, in addition, to latch and deadbolt variants. Residents can lock and unlock their doors as well as keep an eye on entry from anywhere in the globe thanks to Lockly smart locks. You can also generate access codes for guests and tenants using Lockly.

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Wyze Lock

Given that it is one of the most reasonably priced smart locks available, the Wyze Lock can be a perfect choice for those with tighter budgets. Nevertheless, it might not have all the features other smart locks have. It is noteworthy that it cannot connect to smart assistants and needs a gateway to access WiFi.

However, this smart lock does offer good security features for the price. In addition to supporting two-factor authentication, the app also notifies you if you ever leave your door open.

Danalock V3 Smart Lock

Smart locks, entry keypads, and smart gateways are all products offered by Danalock, a firm located in Denmark. A low-power deadbolt door lock that can be adapted with the majority of current deadbolts is called the Danalock V3 Smart Lock. Danalock may allow remote access, pin code unlocking, and Zigbee and Z-Wave Plus data communicability when used in conjunction with Danabridge V3 and Danapad V3.

Unlike the Halo smart lock, V3 has a battery life of about 1 year. It is also simple to use and install on doors that meet European, American, and Scandi standards. Additionally, that smart lock is compatible with Siri, Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth, and Amazon Alexa.

Danalock is therefore the perfect choice for building automation and property management organizations with specialized integration requirements. 

UKEY Mobile Access Control

How often do you leave your home or apartment without your access card or keyholder? Your phone is always with you, though! It is simple to misplace, break, or lose your access card. But neither at home nor at work will you forget your phone.

You may get access to a location with the BAS-IP outdoor panels installed and outfitted with a modern multi-functional NFC and Bluetooth by downloading the BAS-IP UKEY mobile access control APP to your iOS or Android device.

It is extremely easy to use:

  1. Take your mobile phone
  2. Bring it to the panel and activate the telephone screen
  3. The door opens

Each user’s UKEY mobile identifying number is different. Remote key delivery (by email, WhatsApp, or Messenger) saves time for both the service provider and the residents. Additional face ID, fingerprint, or password protection is available on telephones.

Additionally, the technology is available for different building types:

Residential Compounds

A set of keys or a key holder is usually difficult to locate in a backpack or pocket, and an access card might go misplaced along with your other cards. It is simpler and more efficient to enter your home using mobile phone access on your phone.

Office Centers

It is practical for usage in contemporary office buildings that include access control systems. locations created for a large number of workers and guests that you have granted access to.


With a mobile phone and the application, there is no need to park close to the entry point, which is often required to use swipe cards to enter the garage or parking lot.

Best Use Cases for UKEY Mobile Access Control

Building TypeBenefits of UKEY Mobile Access Control
Residential CompoundsEasier access, no need to search for keys/cards in pockets or bags
Office CentersPractical for buildings with access control systems, large number of employees and authorized guests
ParkingNo need to park close to entry point, easy access with mobile phone and app


The market for smart locks is expanding at an astonishing rate of 21.4%. You’ll soon notice smart locks everywhere. Physical keys are becoming obsolete. You’re already late if you’re still deliberating. We hope that this post will assist you in choosing the finest smart locks for your apartment complex or other property.

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