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Monitor BAS-IP AG-04 in White

We are pleased to inform you that from June 2013 the long-awaited sale of the monitor AG-04 in white.

BAS-IP took part in the exhibition MIPS 2013

Between the 15 to 18 April in Moscow, at pavilion 75, VVC hosted the 19th Moscow international exhibition MIPS «PROTECTION, SECURITY AND FIRE PROTECTION 2013, the largest Moscow exhibition for security. Our equipment was presented on three stands: BAS-IP, «TD Videoglaz» and «TD Tinko». All our visitors to the stand received the new revised price […]

Webinar «BAS-IP Equipment»

We are delighted to invite all interested parties to join us at «Эликс» webinar, which will be held on October 10, 2013. The main moderator: Olga Bernatskaya, the commercial Director of BAS-IP in Russia. Plan: Application area IP intercom: – Apartment decisions – Individual solutions – New: fire alert and HELP the station. Monitoring. Implemented […]

iOS application BAS-IP in the Apple App Store

We are delighted to inform you that our application BAS-IP iOS has been tested and is available for download in the App Store. Download from App Store Application BAS-IP is a mobile client, which allows you to take calls, view video camera with outdoor panels and manage Smart home with your beloved iPhone or iPad. […]

BAS-IP participated in the forum of All-over-IP 2013

Between 20 to 21 November the 6th international forum “ All-over-IP 2013” at the exhibition complex Sokolniki (Moscow) was held. According to tradition, it was attended by a BAS-IP. A full range of equipment BAS-IP was presented at two stands of our partners: GK «Elics» and «TD Videoglaz». On the stands, we presented two new […]

The company BAS-IP is going to participate in MIPS-2014

From April 14-17 the Moscow International Exhibition “Protection, Security and safety” MIPS-2014, where BAS-IP will reveal a new line of stylish and multifunctional IP intercoms and other novelties. MIPS is the largest security specialized exhibition in Russia and surrounding countries, in which the experts from the company BAS-IP are going to participate for the third […]

New video intercom BAS-IP AZ-04 – new possibilities for you and your house

The BAS-IP company will not stop to amaze you with new products. You will see among them this year small, functional and affordable video intercom AZ-04. British designers have made this device good-looking and elegant, and the leading specialists of the BAS-IP company worked towards its functional. As a result, AZ-04 became top-notch, an ergonomic […]

An updated application BAS-IP is already on the App Store

The mobile application BAS-IP is an easy-to-use Mobile Client by which you can receive calls, monitor cameras from our video panels, manage house automatics and open the door lock with the help of one of your gadgets on an iOS basis. Company BAS-IP, having analyzed the mistakes of the previous version and fixed them, presents […]

Delay module for electromagnetic and electromechanical locks BAS-IP SH-40

BAS-IP SH-40 developed a universal delay module for all types of locks, both electromagnetic and electromechanical. BAS-IP SH-40 can perform the delay for the door, unlocking for 0,5-10 seconds, and it will perfect for installation in residential complexes, offices and other accommodations where the access control is situated. You can choose the type of connected lock […]

Infrared control module for IR-devices BAS-IP SH-67: implementation up to 8 instructions in one click

Infrared control module for IR-devices ‏BAS-IP SH-67 makes the house automatic control much easier. By attaching it to the video intercom BAS-IP, you can control those devices with an IR module, such as TV, air conditioner, music centre, IR controller for curtains and others. By means of this module, you can send up to 8 […]

BAS-IP at the 20th international exhibition MIPS-2014

The BAS-IP team took part in Moscow International Exhibition 20th anniversary  «Protection, Security and Fire Safety» MIPS-2014 having presented the wild range of design, stylish and multifunctional IP- video intercoms. Among the innovations submitted this year at MIPS-2014, you could see the new SIP-telephone BAS-IP SR-54, modern individual outdoor panel BAS-IP AV-02 powered by PoE, […]

Management Software v 3.0 is handy and functional software for the residential and office complexes

Management Software v 3.0 is a utility developed by the company BAS-IP, for solving the complex problems related to the work with security systems in the residential and office complexes. With this Management Software v 3.0, the security desk in the building has a chance to monitor the status of the outdoor panels, inner monitors […]

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