09 December, 2021

ButterflyMX Intercom System Comparison

Butterfly MX is a very young intercom brand (founded in 2014), but it seems to be very motivated and ambitious to take a major share of the US intercom market.


06 December, 2021

Aiphone Intercom System Comparison

Founded in 1948, Aiphone has become one of the most respected and trusted brands among the world's leaders in communications systems.


10 November, 2020

The voice notifications from BAS-IP

In addition to standard voice notifications, you can upload your own messages to the panel. These can be welcome messages or informational notifications informing about events in the Residential complex, for example, about the beginning of ...


01 October, 2020

Guest access

BAS-IP Link is software for centralised access control and the BAS-IP equipment in residential complexes and office centres of varying complexity. It gives you flexibility in managing all the functionality of the intercom system from anywhere in ...