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BPT Intercom System

History of BPT

The history of BPT (stands for Brevetti Plozner Torino) began in 1953 when it was founded by Lisio Plozner. Since its foundation, the company focused its efforts on the production of technological devices for the home, and one of its first products was a doorbell with illumination. Ten years later, BPT began making its first Hands-free intercom.

BPT intercoms combine European quality, reliability, and ease of use. The device is easy to install and maintain.

Bought by Came

In 2011, BPT was bought by the Italian manufacturer of automatic gates Came. All the employees and technology and even the name remained the same for the first years. Many experts predicted a bleak future for BPT intercoms because the customer groups of both companies are similar. But later on, however, the BPT products carried the Came label, BPT lost its focus and made fewer and fewer innovative door communication solutions. This was probably not a good decision, at least from BPT’s side. We will always remember original BPT’s commitment to innovation and modern solutions.

At the moment, BPT Came’s position is strong in the UK, South Africa, and Australia.

Most Functional Came BPT Intercom System

Among the intercom systems BPT, the most functional is CAME BPT IP 360. As a highly functional intercom system, it’s noteworthy to underscore its full IP structure, distinguishing it from others that adopt a hybrid model, such as the xIP.

Unlike the latter, the BPT IP 360 isn’t just a blend of different technologies; it’s a comprehensive IP solution, a refinement that boosts its versatility and potential applications. This ability to function as a pure IP system enables it to integrate seamlessly into an existing local network within any building structure.

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Moreover, the CAME BPT IP 360, recognizing the potential of cloud-based solutions, operates with Came’s cloud service. This introduces an added layer of convenience for users, allowing calls to be made directly to mobile applications through Came Connect.

Yet, the intriguing comparison emerges when the IP 360 is placed side by side with the BAS-IP IP system. The evaluation not only reveals the strengths and features of each system but also provides a comprehensive understanding of why one may outperform the other.

Continue reading for an insightful evaluation that delves into the capabilities of these two systems, culminating in a compelling case for why the BAS-IP IP system might offer a superior solution. Throughout this discussion, the focus is on how these systems meet and exceed user expectations, particularly in terms of their functionality, ease of use, and integration capabilities.

Please note that while this comparison is conducted in English, both systems are designed to accommodate users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. The global digital landscape’s demands necessitate such flexibility, and these two systems illustrate this perfectly.

BPT Intercom

Came BPT vs BAS-IP Comparison

Feature BAS-IP BPT
Build-In Camera Yes, HD
Access Control Mifare, BLE, NFC
Keyless Entry
Virtual keys (PIN codes) for visitors
QR codes for visitor access
Multifactor Autentification
Property management software integrations
Measuring Temperature
Cloud-based access management
Indoor Phones
Indoor Monitors 7 models
Android Based Monitors
3rd Party APP Support
Mobile APP
Elevator control
Connected IP Cameras Integration
2 models
Looking for intercom system?
Disclaimer: The current comparison was made on July 8, 2022. The Comparison based on information we have available to us at the time of writing.
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*BAS-IP supports Mifare Classic, Plus, Desfire EV1, Ultralight.

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